Gu Junjun returned to South Korea to live in, and the big S was exposed to bed and could not let the two children go home to anger Wang Xiaofei.

Inner Entertainment has never seen such a long "melon". From the beginning of last year, it was exposed to divorce. By the beginning of this year, the whole year was endless!

The Big S family is not the "Kardashian family" at the Wanwan version. They are completely surpassing the topic of the Kardashian family. They are about to reach the New Year of the Lunar New Year. Their family will not stop!

A few days ago, the news was uploaded on the Internet. Da S’s new husband, Gu Jun, accidentally apologized to his wife during an interview, saying that Big S is suitable for a better life, and at the same time he feels guilty about his incompetence.

Later, he was exposed to return to his hometown and prepared to live in South Korea. Will he not be able to return in the future and did not respond? Obviously, the big S tossing in the end still face everything alone!

It may be affected by the matter. Big S was in a bad mood, so he went to Wang Xiaofea. Recently, Wang Xiaofei was suddenly furious during the live broadcast because he received a lawyer’s letter from the big S, which clearly mentioned that a pair of children would not go home.In the New Year, this made Wang Xiaofei, who had been looking forward to for a long time, for a long time, so he complained to netizens in the live broadcast room!

And this time, Big S also completely angered Wang Xiaofei. He no longer cares about the love of the two. The private material of the big S exploded, and he threatened to die with the big S!

From the summary of Wang Xiaofei’s breaking news, first of all, he believed that Da S’s divorce had long been planned, and he had previously asked Fukuhara Ai to divorce lawyers.Secondly, Big S did not let Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan look at the children, and refused to provide visa materials.Then, Da S hid the passport of the two children to prevent the nanny!

Of course, the most interesting news is about the state of Big S. Wang Xiaofei said that Big S is currently lying in bed and is unable to take care of the children. Only the nanny is trying to protect their two children like a mother!

This can’t help but make people doubt. Big S is also a big star anyway. What causes her to be bed in bed. Wang Xiaofei has also reported that Xiao S has the habit of taking medicine. Is Big S also have such habits?Or after being with the bald head, do you have some diseases that cannot be sued?

Some people think that Big S may be pregnant, but Ge Junjun has long been exposed to the right of long -standing Bay Bay. For such an uncertain person to give birth to children, it is not like something that Big S can do.Basically, it can be denied!

Looking at all the above information, it is certain that Big S and Wang Xiaofei are completely troubled. Wang Xiaofei cannot have no reason to go to poor big S, so there may be more intense "big melon" be exposed.

And Gu Junzhang was unable to help Big S. When he got married, he encountered a bad thing at this moment. He had already been diluted a lot. It was a high probability that in the end, Da S had to face the offensive of the Wang Xiaofei family alone, but no one dared to deal with it!

It is difficult to understand, why is the big S tossing?For fame and fortune, it was obviously not available. For love, Ge Junyi had abandoned her first.

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