Has the Chinese realized the "free steak"?

The Spring Festival is getting closer, and the major domestic e -commerce platforms have held a year -end promotion. Unlike previous years, the "non -traditional New Year’s goods" of steak became one of the main categories.Even Yu Minhong also pinned the live broadcast of New Oriental’s transformation on the steak.

From January 14th to 16th, the "Oriental Selection" of the New Oriental Live Live and Putting Platform "Oriental Selection" opened the New Year’s Day.Among them, the "whole -cut west -cold -eye steak" was arranged in the "big mouth eating meat combination" first.On December 28 last year, Yu Minhong lived the premiere of the cargo. The selected list also contained a steak gift box.

At present, the two steaks in the live broadcast room of Dongfang Zhen have sold less than 700 copies, which are quite satisfactory compared to other items.However, the C -bit of steaks in the Spring Festival promotion reflects that although Yu Minhong has only made a goods with goods for more than half a month, it has already insight into the taste of domestic consumers.

Earlier, lead anchors such as Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, Luo Yonghao and other heads have brought goods to multiple brands of steak. Some products sold hundreds of thousands of copies in just a few minutes or even tens of seconds.

In addition to the live broadcast, the steak sales of e -commerce websites also entered the peak season.The letter list (ID: wujicaiijing) learned that the sales of steak sales of major e -commerce platforms in January this year have grown rapidly and have become one of the hottest meat items.

Established in 2012, Xifei Fresh Fresh is a fresh retail brand headquarters in Shanghai.The founder Hu Liang told the letters list that in recent weeks, Pinduoduo has opened a lot of New Year’s goods festival. The steak sales of Hisfei Fresh flagship store have increased by 4 to 5 times compared with the same period last year.

On Weibo, station B, Douyin, Kuaishou and other content platforms, how to achieve the topic of the topic of "freedom of steak" increases.How to spend more than a hundred or even tens of dollars to achieve the joy of eating meat is the focus of young people’s research; and how to identify stitching steaks and original steaks, steaks should be cooked, West Leng and Feili Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li Li LiliWhat is the difference, etc., is also a topic of many netizens.

As early as 2019, under the wave of fresh e -commerce price war, "cherry free" became a consumer fashion chased by everyone for a while.With the changes in seasonal, "Freedom of Curly Cracmers", "Freedom of Litchi" and "Freedom of Durian" have also become a hot topic.

Compared with these relatively niche categories, "Steak Freedom" has a more prominent quality and universality.As a more expensive meal, it is out of the category category, representing the pursuit of higher diet quality and living style.

However, the Chinese are still very far away from the real steak freedom.

Price is the biggest constraint.The steaks of the western restaurants are hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan, and the domestic working class is by no means to consume at will; and some cheap steaks lowered the price to a few dollars, the taste cannot be complimented, and the quality is not optimistic.

On the other hand, my country’s beef import dependence is high, and high -end categories such as steaks.Transnational transportation not only pushes the terminal price of the steak, but also makes the supply chain vulnerable to factors such as epidemic and economic and trade relations, and affect the quality and quantity of supply.

However, with the economic recovery of the post -epidemic era, the demand for domestic consumers’ "eating better" is still increasing.In the face of the consumption vision of "Freedom of Steak", how to provide more high -quality local products and meet the new high -quality demand is one of the long -term challenges of domestic agricultural product companies.


Steak was on fire on the Chinese e -commerce platform, but many people noticed that the protagonist is still a native overseas steak brand.This also reflects from the side that "foreign beef" occupies an important position in the domestic beef consumer market.

In the past two decades, my country’s beef imports have continued to rise.Since 2018, China has replaced the United States and became the world’s largest imported beef importer, with imports of 1.467 million tons of that year; in 2020 to 2.118 million tons, and 2.15 million tons in the 1121 months.

The scale of my country’s beef imports continues to expand, the root cause is that domestic beef production cannot keep up with the consumer demand for rapid expansion.

As a high -value meat, beef, its market size is positively related to the per capita GDP (GDP) of a country.It is generally believed that when the per capita GDP exceeds 1,000 US dollars, the consumption of beef will be strong, and as GDP goes along the way.

In 2005, my country’s per capita GDP was about $ 2,200, and beef production was 5.767 million tons.By 2020, my country’s per capita GDP had reached US $ 11,300, an increase of more than 4 times compared to 15 years ago; but beef production was only 6.72 million tons, an increase of 16.5%.Relying on domestic beef, it is obviously unable to meet the new needs of consumers.

As a result, more and more imported beef boarded the Chinese dining table.According to public data calculations, the domestic beef self -sufficiency rate in recent years is about 80%.This figure is more matched with the "2025 beef mutton self -sufficiency rate in 2025" proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural April.

There are also different views of practitioners.Shanghai’s Pengxin Group has many layouts in the agricultural sector. The company’s vice president of Gong Maojiang said that in 2021, the domestic beef’s self -sufficiency rate is about 50%. "(85%of the self -sufficient rate) is actually a huge task."

The production of beef is difficult to break through, which is closely related to the unable to adapt to the new market environment.

At the technical level, Hu Liang, who has long been engaged in beef sales for a long time, believes that my country’s beef beef breeding is still in traditional agricultural version 1.0."The breeding is very traditional and has not been refined." Although some companies have made breakthroughs, they still have to catch up.

Taking the favorite snowflake beef that is loved by the Chinese people, a small number of companies in China currently have tried it. They are aligned with foreign standards in the selection, breeding, and fattening.gap.

"From the perspective of pure species and excellence, the current gap between domestic beef and foreign countries is at least 15-20 years." Hu Liang said.

In terms of production organizations, my country’s beef beef breeding is still dominated by scattered small -scale farmers.As of 2017, Chinese beef cattle breeding annual columns of more than 100 heads accounted for only 15%, and only 2%of the 1,000 or more. The annual outlets of 59%of the households were less than 10 heads, and the scale of scale was very low.

In contrast, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have adopted large pasture models, and the number of single pastures is as high as tens of thousands.Large -scale production not only dilutes the cost of unit, but also ensures more stable supply and quality, thereby obtaining a higher premium on the consumer side.

This is precisely the weakness of most small farmers in China.Not only are they difficult to occupy a favorable position in the beef value chain, but they also need to withstand higher channels and circulation costs, which further reduces the economic benefits of cattle raising.The prospect of Chinese beef consumer market is broad, but it is difficult to produce leading companies. "It is difficult for raising cattle to make money" is an important reason.


At present, beef occupies an increasingly important position in the recipes of Chinese people.Public data shows that in the total number of Chinese meat consumption, the proportion of beef has increased from 5%to 15%, and the largest category pork has been reduced from more than 90%to about 75%.

On the other hand, the per capita beef consumption in my country is still at a lower level.In 2019, China ’s per capita beef consumption was 5.95 kg, an increase of 11%compared with the previous year, but the average level of 9.1 kg is far from the same level, which is equivalent to one -third of Koreans.

It is foreseeable that with the further rise of residents’ consumption capacity, the consumption of beef for Chinese people will gradually catch up with the level of developed countries.

This will definitely bring new business opportunities, which has attracted many entrepreneurs to join them.However, there are many difficulties that need to be overcome. The most prominent is that the cattle species is not good enough to produce high -quality meat.

In response to this issue, some practitioners tried to close the gap between high -quality domestic varieties and to get imported beef.

Wenshui County, under the jurisdiction of Luliang, Shanxi, is a well -known beef breeding area in the country.As of 2020, Wenshui County beef beef survive was 170,000, with 100,000 heads.Among them, the beef industry in Liu Hulan is particularly developed, and a large number of farmers have gathered.

In addition, the varieties of beef and beef in Wenshui County are more outstanding.A large farmer said that calves were introduced from Hulunbuir, Hailar, Tongliao and other places in the local area. After raising more than 500 pounds on the grassland, the calves were concentrated."The beef cattle that are raised in this way is not sick, and the meat is excellent. After the column, it is directly for high -end restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai."

Wenshui beef has the characteristics of scale and quality, which has attracted the attention of young entrepreneurs.In 2019, the local youth Li Shixuan established an e -commerce company to cooperate with the farm, slaughterhouses, and processing factories of Liu Hulan Town to sell beef and other meat products through e -commerce channels such as Pinduoduo. The first month of sales reached 600,000 yuan.

In the following two years, the scale of Li Shixuan’s e -commerce operation team expanded to more than 30 people, and annual sales increased to 130 million.Rough calculation, each employee can create an income of three or four million yuan.

However, the conditions of Wenshui County are unique and are not available everywhere.Other merchants still follow the models of foreign supply and domestic processing, but they tried to increase the control of the supply chain and "package" overseas suppliers as much as possible.

Hefei Fresh has been engaged in steak imports for a long time. With the increasing development of the domestic market, it has begun to extend to the upper reaches of the industrial chain, with a view to controlling the supply from the source.

The founder Hu Liang said that at first many products of foreign manufacturers were not open to Chinese companies. After many efforts and negotiations, there were only changes. Now they can already talk about the price one year in advance and include all the other products of the other party.

In addition to the more stable supply, this move also compresses the level of circulation as much as possible to reduce marginal costs, thereby lowering the terminal price."I had to go through two -handed and third -hand traders before, but now we can reach our own factory from foreign suppliers and send them to consumers after deep processing." Hu Liang said.

By combing the multinational supply chain, Hu Liang hopes to reduce the price as much as possible while ensuring quality, thereby enhancing competitiveness.He believes that cutting off unnecessary intermediate links and maximizing costs is an important reason for the outbreak of cattle sales.


In addition to improving products, domestic entrepreneurs are still trying to transform beef consumption channels and scenes.

In the past, steak can only go to Western restaurants.The upstream suppliers are mainly supplying restaurants, and the latter’s demand is scattered and unstable, and it is difficult to scale.To the consumer side, diners have to pay a higher premium for a steak.

After the rise of e -commerce channels, many merchants re -planned the product matrix and used cold chain logistics to send the steak directly to the family kitchen.This saves a lot of intermediate costs, which greatly reduces the price of steak.

However, the problem followed that in fierce competition, some merchants began to launch ultra -low -priced products, and the average of only three or five dollars per piece.

At present, the retail price of domestic supermarket beef is about 40 ~ 50 yuan per catty.You can buy a large piece of steak on the Internet. This kind of violation of common sense operations not only make many consumers discouraged, but also cause trouble to steak merchants.

When the Xifei Fresh just laid out the e -commerce business, she felt a headache for the vicious competition brought by ultra -low -priced steak."At that time, everyone was playing low prices, more than 30 yuan and 10 s stefs." Hu Liang said, "What kind of things will you buy at this price, in fact, you understand."

However, after a period of market education, the price of steak gradually returned to rationality.

During the Spring Festival this year, major e -commerce platforms have held the annual annual festival. Steak is a key subsidy category, but the price is still in a more reasonable range after subsidy.Taking a more than 139 yuan of Xiliang steaks at the original price of Pinduoduo as an example, the price after subsidy is 121 yuan.

Some practitioners have pointed out that there are hundreds of millions of users in the entire e -commerce field, and it is impossible for everyone to just look cheap."Slowly, the customer knows that the gap between the steak and more than 100 yuan for 30 yuan is too large, and it is not a product at all."

At present, the main e -commerce channels of Hisfei Fresh Fresh are Pinduoduo. The sales in 2020 are only hundreds of thousands of yuan. It has reached 20 or 30 million last year. It is expected to exceed 100 million this year.Hu Liang believes that domestic first -tier and second -tier cities have achieved freedom of steak.The nationwide steak is free, and it is realized up to 6 years.

The cheap and cheap price of cheapness has become more and more consensus for e -commerce platforms and merchants.In addition to steaks, most of the explosive products of other categories also follow this trend.

Pinduoduo opened the New Year Festival on January 6 this year.The partners of this New Year’s Day include thousands of agricultural and sideline products brands and over 1 million high -quality businesses.Pinduoduo will release a maximum subsidy of 60%of the "10 billion subsidy" resources and open it for 24 hours.

Relevant person in charge said that in addition to steaks during the event, the hot -selling category also includes landmark products such as navel orange, Honghu lotus root, Wumingwo citrus, Dandong strawberry and other landmarks."Behind these products are supported by the local real estate chain, the supply is stable and the brand’s influence is strong. Incorporating them into 10 billion subsidies can better meet the quality upgrade needs of urban consumers."

Behind this set of logic, the price reflects that domestic consumers are no longer the most important decisive factor when shopping online.Even if it is known for its affordable Pinduoduo, it is actively adjusting the product portfolio, and promoting more quality products through great promotion of annual goods festival and 10 billion subsidies.

In the process of pursuing "Steak Freedom", consumers really want to balance the balance of quality and price, allowing the dining table and income level to upgrade simultaneously.This also indicates the direction of domestic agricultural products and e -commerce platforms in the next few years.

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