Have you ever experienced drooping and depression, will you really have these phenomena when you thin your face?

The face -to -face thinning needle is an essential artifact for many Internet celebrities and stars.Due to the excellent face -to -face effect, many citizens around us also began to use a face -lifting needle.But the face -lifting needle is not suitable for everyone. Dr. Shi Yao’s class has begun, pick up your small book!Who is not suitable for thin face needles?Look down

1. People with thicker cheeks

There are many people with a lot of meat on their faces, and there may be thick fat layers on their cheeks.Because the thin face needle can only be numb and relax the muscles, the fat layer on the face and cheeks cannot be eliminated.There is no obvious effect on such a person’s thin face needle.

2. People with too thin cheeks

There may be a thin layer of fat on the cheeks of a person with a thin face.Although this type of person can reduce the weight after massage the masseter muscle due to the paralysis of Botox toxin, it is likely to cause the face to sag.

If your cheeks are thin, it is recommended that you fill your face or hyaluronic acid to fill the middle of your cheeks when using some self -fat needle.In this way, the thin face needle will not make the face look too depressed.

3. People with obvious signs of sagging on their faces

People with obvious signs of sagging on their faces are not suitable for thin facial needles, especially those who have nasal lip grooves, people with dullness of their mouths and mouth lines and mandibular flesh.After injection of thin face needles, these lines and relaxation will exacerbate.After losing the masseter support, the original and lower face that originally relaxed looked more relaxed.

Friends with signs of drooping should determine the personal beauty design plan based on the degree of drooping.If it is somewhat relaxed, it can be paired with a face -lifted face with a mandibular edge (ie, carving of the mandibular edge line).If there are moderate or severe signs of sagging, you can perform beauty items such as radio frequency beauty and other beauty effects, and then select "Use a small amount of hyaluronic acid injection" to correct the depression nasal lip sulcus and mouth nose lines.Through these methods of improving facial drooping, you can choose the time for thin face injection according to the doctor’s instructions.

4. People under 18 years old

Minors are not suitable for thin face needles.This is because minors are still in the stage of physical development.The function of using a face -to -face needle to stimulate the masseter may hinder the normal function of the masseter muscle in the future.

5. Patients with neuromuscular disease

People with neuromusculus disease and severe muscle weakness are not suitable for thin face pins, because these people use face thinning needles for thin face, stimulating the masseter muscle can cause the disease to worsen.

6. People who are allergic to Botox toxin

People who are allergic to Botox toxin are not suitable for injection of Botox toxin thinning face, because the main component of a face -lifting needle is Botox toxin, and the response to Botox toxin is too strong, which will cause the body to become red, swollen and itchyEssence

7. People who take anti -inflammatory drugs

Those who take anti -inflammatory drugs or other fever and analgesic drugs within two weeks cannot inject Botox toxin to reduce the face, because these drugs and Botox toxin have interacted before, affecting their health.

8. Special time for women

Women are not suitable for menstruation, breastfeeding and pregnancy, because during this period, the body’s coagulation mechanism is very poor, so it is difficult to heal the wound.

9. Cold people

Generally, people with colds are not suitable for thin face injection.Because cold is a respiratory tract infection, the whole body resistance will be reduced, and secondary infections are easy to occur.Especially for people who have a fever, it is impossible to lose face.It is recommended that friends think about thin face during a cold, and then lose face after a week of cold recovery.

The above, do I remember? Dr. Shi Yao ’s face of thin face today is here. You have any questions, although I have a private letter or a private message in the comment area ~

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