Have you noticed the cause of breast cancer? People who suffer from breast cancer usually have four commonality

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the breast area. It is caused by the discharge of hyperplasia of breast epithelial cells, which causes evil.Once breast cancer is suffering from breast cancer, patients will have a series of symptoms such as painless lumps in the breast, breast skin changes, and nipples in the breast.If there is no early treatment, cancer cells will be metastasized to the distant, causing multiple organs to cause lesions, which will directly threaten patients’ lives and harm to health and life.

Therefore, in daily life, we must do a good job of preventing breast cancer.The cause of breast cancer is not clear, but it is related to some wrong behavior habits.Especially for women with the following four behaviors, the chance of having breast cancer will be very high.Let me introduce it in detail for everyone.

What behavioral factors are easy to induce breast cancer?

1. Long -term mood bad

For women who are prone to sullenness and mental stress and have long been in bad emotions for a long time, the risk of breast cancer is particularly high.The character that is easy to be stuffy is called a cancer character. Endocrine of such people is often in a state of disorder, and the activities of organ function are easy to disorders.And as the body’s immune function decreases rapidly, the elimination function of the autoimmune system for some cancer cells will decrease, which can easily develop cancer.

In addition, if you have been in bad emotions for a long time, you will stagnate qi and blood, which will affect the blood circulation of the breast area. It is easy to develop a series of breast diseases, including breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Second, the way of diet is wrong

If women take a high -fat diet for a long time, they will also increase the risk of breast cancer.These foods contain a lot of saturated fatty acids, which not only easily leads to gaining weight, but also affects hormone levels in women.If the hormone level in women appears disordered, it will affect the overall endocrine, which will cause the breast to be stimulated.It will lead to the phenomenon of proliferation of breast epithelial cells, and the chance of cancer will be particularly high.

In addition, if women consume too much food, drinks, medicines or supplements with too much ingredients in daily life, these foods contain a large number of hormones to enter women in large numbers for a long time, which will directly increase women’s estrogen levels.The risk of breast cancer will also increase many times.

Third, long -term smoking

The toxic and harmful ingredients contained in cigarette smoke are particularly high. If women smoke for a long time, it will not only increase the risk of lung cancer, but also increase the chance of suffering from breast cancer and ovarian cancer.After the toxins in the smoke entering the female breast cells, the cells will cause abnormal proliferation, which will cause cancer in the breast.

Fourth, multiple abortion

After women’s pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will increase, and the development of the breast catheter system will be very strong.Once the pregnancy is suddenly stopped, the hormone level will fall rapidly in the short term, and the breasts will stop growing, the glands will shrink, and the risk of mastitis, breast hyperplasia, and breast cancer will be particularly high.

All in all, for women who have long -term behavior, the risk of breast cancer is many times higher than that of other people.In addition, factors such as excessive weight and long -term drinking and irregular sleep time will increase the risk of breast cancer.Therefore, if women want to avoid breast cancer, they must correct some bad living habits, and regularly perform physical examinations in breasts.Once the inside of the breast and the nipple discharge, etc., you must quickly consult and treat it to minimize the risk of breast cancer.

Source: Health Weekly

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