Have you observed your leucorrhea carefully?If these abnormal conditions appear, keep your heart

As soon as I hear the leucorrhea, many women subconsciously feel that this is not a good word, and there is a leucorrhea that it means that they have diseases.This is an incorrect idea. Each woman has leucorrhea. Lands are the secretions of women’s vagina, which can lubricate, maintain the balance of bacteria, and help conceive.Leucorrhea is also a barometer of women’s health. It can find many health problems and abnormal leucorrhea. To find the reason behind it, this is a manifestation of health responsibility.

1. Tofu residue -like leucorrhea

Normal leucorrhea should be colorless, odorless transparent or slightly yellow liquid. If the nature changes, and tofu -like leucorrhea occurs, we must be alert to gynecological diseases.The reason why this kind of leucorrhea appears is caused by moldy infection in a large situation.Infected with this mold, it is easy to cause women to suffer from mold vaginitis, and it is accompanied by vulvar itching and burning pain. Pay attention to identification.

2. Yellow -green leucorrhea

Under normal circumstances, there will be no obvious colors of leucorrhea, at most, there will be slightly yellow or light cyan.The yellow -green leucorrhea is abnormal in terms of color, and the most common is bacterial infection.This symptoms may be the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis. Common bacteria include Gram -positive bacteria and splin bacteria.

3. Yellow water -like leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is very sparse, it is yellow water, and it has a smell of stinky, which is an abnormal situation that needs to be found behind.The reason why such leucorrhea occurs is related to many malignant diseases, considering the emergence of cancer such as cervical cancer and vaginal cancer.

4. Blood leucorrhea

Most of the blood -based leucorrhea is an abnormal condition. Eliminating the blood and ovulation bleeding during menstrual blood, it is necessary to consider whether it is related to malignant tumors.In addition to malignant tumors, you must also consider whether it is caused by cervical polyps, but if it is a bloody leucorrhea caused by cervical polyps, it usually appears after sexual life.

5. Foam -like leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is like a bubble and a sour smell, it is also the manifestation of vaginitis and is the symptom of trichomonas vaginitis.This is a vaginitis caused by vaginal trichomas infection, which can spread through sexual life.Such vaginitis will cause women to have foam or purulent leucorrhea. At the same time, it is accompanied by sexual intercourse pain. It must be discovered and treated in time.

Women should know what kind of leucorrhea is normal, what kind of leucorrhea is abnormal. When these abnormal situations occur, find the reason behind, and go to the hospital for related examinations.At the same time, we must also do a good job of cleaning, and clean the private parts with water every day to maintain the health of the private parts.In your diet, you should also adjust more, eat more light diet, and eat less heavy -taste diet. This is good for your health.If the inflammation is checked, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment. Do not taboo diseases and do not buy medicine by yourself, otherwise the condition will become more serious.

Leucorrhea is a feminine barometer of women’s health, and many problems can be seen from the leucorrhea.The above are the performances of the abnormal leucorrhea and the reasons for the abnormal leucorrhea. Everyone must take a closer look at it to observe more in life. If this abnormal situation occurs, go to the hospital for examination.

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