Haven’t been pregnant for 5 years?Find the cause of the cause!

Some of the female friends who have been married for 1-5 years around them are troubled by infertility.Whether driven by the traditional concept of Chuanzong, or wanting to have a baby’s sublimation couple’s emotion, they are actively looking for a good prescription, but often they always go against their wishes and get physically and mentally exhausted.

It is not healed for a long time because of lack of cognition of this disease.Find the cause of the disease first. Infertility is a set of fertility disorders caused by multiple reasons. The incidence rate in my country is about 10%-15%.

1. Pelvic factor

There are many pathogenic factor, such as:

1. Gynecological inflammation various vaginitis, cervicitis, and endometritis inflammatory exudate have the effect of killing sperm; fallopian tubulitis can make the eggs block, the end lock of the umbrella, affect the encounter of sperm and eggs.Infertility, etc.

2. Uterine endometriosis is currently analyzed in clinical clinical analysis. Nearly half of the unknown infertility is caused by endometriosis. At the same time, research also shows that about 30 % to 50 % of the endometrium isotonicitySymptoms are infertility.

Infertility caused by endometriosis may be related to the disorders of the pelvic cavity and uterine immune mechanism, which causes ovulation, fallopian tube function, fertilization, and luteal production, and the tolerance of the uterine endometrium.

3. Genital deformity, such as the malformations of the uterus, causes insufficient conditions for fertilized eggs and infertility, or abnormal development of congenital fallopian tubes, hindering the combination of sperm and eggs, and can cause infertility.

4. Uterine endometrial damage and other uterine cavity surgery can damage the base layer of the endometrium, leading to adhesion of the uterine cavity, and sperm through obstacles or fertilized egg bed disorders, leading to infertility.

Second, ovulation disorders

The main manifestations are persistent ovulation without ovulation.Poor gonadotropic gland function.

3. Immune factors

An immune response and immune tolerance problems can cause the woman to produce anti -sperm antibodies and cause infertility.

Fourth, systemic factors

If the age is greater than 35 years old, its infertility rate has increased significantly; in addition, malnutrition, vitamin and trace elements lack, excessive obesity, and endocrine abnormality, such as hyperthyroidism or low thyroid function, can affect ovarian function and lead to infertility.

5. Female sexual dysfunction

It can cause vaginal spasm and coldness.

The cause of the cause is so complicated. No wonder even experts call it non -malignant lesions, but the consequences of the family are malignant.Can such a "malignant" disease be cured?

First, infertility caused by various inflammation: Because inflammatory exudation can kill sperm and activate the immune response of both men and women, leading to the production of anti -sperm antibodies.the goal of.At the same time, active exercise of potting floor muscles can reduce the occurrence of gynecological inflammation;

Second, infertility caused by genital development or tumor: such as hyperlsida, double -corner uterus, hymen -locking, vaginal septum, endometrial fibroids, endometrial polyp, ovarian tumors, etc.Purpose;

Third, infertility after uterine cavity: eliminate pregnancy outside the plan, try to do less abortion, curettage and other uterine cavity surgery, so as not to damage the base layer of the endometrium, lead to adhesion of the uterine cavity, affect the fertilized egg bed and embryo development;

Fourth, infertility caused by ovulation disorders: such as mental tension, environmental changes, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, or decreased ovarian function, etc., can treat the cause of the disease, improve lifestyle, relax, and relieve stress.

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