Headache Eye Bloating is a virus infection. After fever, your eyes are painful, don’t stand up!

As an irreversible blind eye disease, glaucoma often "steal" our vision unknowingly, but in the daily life of the public, this disease has not been widely recognized, which brings to patients’ lives and families.The influence.Not long ago, Shenyang El excences of ophthalmology hospital treated a patient with acute glaucoma and surgery for it.

After the fever, the headache can’t see clearly, it turns out that there is a problem with the eyes

More than a month ago, Aunt Li was infected with a new crown, fever, headache, and cough. After taking the medicine for a few days, the burning was retreat, but the headache did not reduce it.EssenceAt first, the family thought that Aunt Li’s illness was not completely good. Just rest at home and rest at home. This is another week. The condition is not light and heavy. Everyone doubted whether there was a problem with the eyes.Below, Aunt Li came to Shenyang Erzhuo Eye Hospital for treatment.

Professor Ma Liwei, the director of the business dean of Shenyang El Zhuo Yue Ophthalmology Hospital, perfected the relevant inspection for Aunt Li, and found that his eye vision was only manual. The left eye pressure was twice the normal value. The right eye pressure had reached three times the normal value!After diagnosis, Aunt Li was an acute corner -closing glaucoma and an old -fashioned cataract in both eye, accompanied by corneal edema, and the right eye pupils were large. The condition was very serious.

Precise treatment in stages, saving vision to the greatest extent

"After a few days, the vision may be completely lost." After the treatment of Aunt Li was admitted to the hospital, Dean Ma immediately carried out compressed pupil treatment on the patient. After the patient’s condition was stable, he implemented the right eye cataract as soon as possible for the patient.Ultrasonic emulsification removal, artificial lens implantation combined with small beam resection surgery, left eye cataract ultrasound emulsification removal, and artificial lens implantation of combined room angle separation surgery.In particular, Aunt Li itself is still a high degree of consequences. In glaucoma diseases, the primary glaucoma is closely linked with the optical optical studies.The incidence of glaucoma is higher than that of normal people.

"Compared with before, the vision has been improved." Recently, Aunt Li returned to the hospital for postoperative review. The eye pressure has completely returned to normal. The right eye vision has reached 0.8.The effect of my expected.When I first came to the hospital, Aunt Li had a headache and could not see it clearly. Even with her body was very stiff, she didn’t dare to walk under her family’s help. Now, in the words of the patient’s daughter, the mother walks particularly fast, and sometimes even herself even herself.Can’t catch up.Aunt Li himself is also very happy: "Now the vision is good, and nothing will be delayed." And emotion, once uncomfortable eyes, you must pay attention to the diagnosis of professional doctors.But I really can’t come back!

Acute glaucoma has severe symptoms, and the treatment will not be blind in time.

According to Dean Ma Liwei, the acute episode of the closure glaucoma is a special period for primary corner closure glaucoma. The patient feels the most strong.Eye diseases that are characterized into characteristics. The symptoms when the disease occurs is very similar to the current popular new crowns, A current and other diseases. There are often symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and headache.The blind rate is very high.

When people’s immunity decreases, physical fatigue and illness may cause an increased intraocular pressure. Once there is episodes of eye redness, bloating, blurred vision.Go to professional ophthalmology in time to avoid delaying the condition.

Dean Ma Liwei also reminded here: "For patients with chronic glaucoma, there is no special feeling except for minor eye swelling discomfort. When it is discovered, many of them are already in the middle and late stages.Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, especially patients with glaucoma family history, high myopia and hyperopia, patients with diabetes, and high -risk people with visual eye injuries. They regularly go to professional ophthalmology institutions for eye pressure and vision.The best time. "

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