Hepatitis B, can you not eat "lamb"?Doctor: Don’t want to deteriorate liver disease, please hold your mouth for 2 kinds of meat

Now, hepatitis B is becoming more and more common. This is a chronic type B viral hepatitis. It has many causes and strong transmission ability, which will also have a great impact on the body.

The spread of the transmission like hepatitis B mainly includes:

Including maternal and infants, blood products, damaged skin mucosa and sexual contact, and when communicating with patients with hepatitis B, they will not have infection, so don’t worry too much.

Now, hepatitis B is also a difficult disease that is difficult to cure. If hepatitis B is suffered from hepatitis B, it is necessary to focus on regulation in diet and schedule to prevent the increasing disease and develop it into liver cirrhosis.

1. The occurrence of hepatitis B, hepatocytes are damaged, and severe secretion of bile function will be reduced, which will affect normal digestion, accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea and nausea.

2. Damaged liver function, the lack of vitamins in the human body, electrolyte disorders, and damage to liver cells cause the composition of choline in the blood, which will also affect the normal function of neuromuscular muscles, accompanied by fatigue and fatigue.

3. Damage of liver function will also be produced with jaundice, and in addition to affecting the skin state, it will also affect the normal urine state, accompanied by the darker of the urine as deep as strong tea.

4. The condition of hepatitis B, especially acute jaundice hepatitis, will also occur in the early days. Generally, it will continue to have a high fever for about 3 to 5 days.

5. When the liver function is damaged, it will be accompanied by pain in the liver area, especially the right upper abdomen, and the pain is relatively obvious. Do not ignore this symptom.

Therefore, there will be some abnormal phenomena in the early body of hepatitis B patients, I hope you should not take it seriously.For patients with hepatitis B, if you want to protect liver diet, you should also pay attention to adjustment. Many people point out that hepatitis B patients cannot eat mutton.

As a common kind of meat in life, lamb is a relatively high stomach value. Eating some mutton properly to nourish the body and is good for the body, but it is precisely because of this reason, so many people think that mutton belongs to a kind of kind of belong to a kindHair products can easily lead to aggravation of hepatitis B and liver lesions.

Indeed, because mutton is a kind of warm food, eating too much will help fire and heat, and internal heat will also be serious for patients with hepatitis B.

However, if patients with hepatitis B belong to the internal cold constitution, it is also more suitable for eating lamb, and it will not cause the problem of worsening the condition.

However, if patients with hepatitis B are accompanied by hyperlipidemia, they cannot eat mutton, so it will cause excessive fat accumulation.

The disease of patients with hepatitis B has developed into the stage of liver cirrhosis. Eating mutton should also pay attention to proper control to prevent the problem of liver lesions when intake.

Therefore, we can understand that the Yang can be eaten, but when you eat it, you must decide according to your personal physical condition, and when eating mutton, you must pay attention to controlling the amount and avoid harm to the body.

In fact, if you do n’t want to deteriorate liver disease, what really wants to eat less is the following kinds of meat, please stay away.

1. Machined meat

For some patients with liver disease, some processed meat intake must be reduced in life, because this kind of food will add a large amount of food additives, artificial spices, preservatives, etc. during the production process.Cracks lead to damage to hepatocytes.

Especially for patients with hepatitis B, stem cells have been damaged, and then intake of this processing dairy will also cause worsening diseases and risk of cancer, so please control your mouth.

2. Salted fish bacon

If you want to protect the liver, for patients with hepatitis B, you should also pay attention to reducing some salted fish bacon foods, because this pickled food will also add a large amount of additives and salt to marinate in order to save long -term preservation.

After pickling this kind of food, it will not only cause excessive sodium intake, affect the level of blood pressure, but also produce carcinogens such as nitrite, damage the risk of liver health, and induce liver cancer. ThereforeEat less if you can eat less.

Therefore, if you do n’t want to deteriorate liver disease, it is recommended to eat less meat like the above meat. If you want to nourish the liver in your life, you can actually eat meat.better.

1. Beef

For patients with hepatitis B, you can consume a small amount of beef in life. Beef as the main source of high -quality protein, relatively small calories, and proper protein supplementation for the body.When eating, you should also pay attention to controlling the amount, with a small amount of intake, and will not increase the burden on the liver.

2. Fish

For patients with hepatitis B, if you want to maintain the liver, you can also put the fish on the dining table. The fish is not only low in calories, but also contains high -quality protein and a variety of trace substances. It is appropriate to eat fish meat without worrying about gaining weight.

It can also help repair damaged liver cells, play a role in nourishing the liver, and prevent the situation of hepatitis B lesion, which is conducive to liver health.

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