High fever in the early pregnancy, can the baby want it after taking medicine?Will it be deformed?Old Chinese medicine to answer

In the Spring Festival of 2018, Jiuma spent a different year. In this year, there was a baby in my belly, and it was slowly growing up. In the future, he is the biggest warmth and concern of my life.

The previous article wrote that before the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival (1 month old), he had a high fever to 39.3 °. Although he took the medicine after taking the medicine, the sequelae of the cold came, the whole body was weak, the cough was not stopped, and he felt that he had coughing the lungs.Nine dads have all kinds of rock sugar Sydney, salted oranges, ginger soup, and green onions and white water for Jiu Mom, but they still have no effect.

what should I do then?Based on past experience -see Chinese medicine!Jiu Ma saw the old Chinese medicine medicine who conditioned our husband and wife before pregnancy this time. Thanks to the old Chinese medicine medicine, the previous Jiubao came very smoothly and quickly.Therefore, we still trust and thank the old Chinese medicine medicine.

Knowing that Jiuma was pregnant, the old Chinese medicine medicine was also very happy. She told us very intimately that the traditional Chinese medicines that you prescribed for you are some chrysanthemums and licorice that are often eaten daily. You can rest assured that you do not affect the fetus at all.This is the vastness of Chinese medicine. For some daily materials, it is used to cure your disease.So the Jiuma family trusts Chinese medicine very much.

Due to the high fever before, although Jiuma was on the surface, she was still worried.Points are cerebral palsy and the like.Taking this opportunity, Jiu Ma consulted the old Chinese medicine medicine. The old Chinese medicine medicine said a lot, but the nine mom remembered a word -you are the first child, you also want, the fetus is very smart, he will follow himself and and he will follow himself and and he will follow himself.Make a choice of mother’s physical condition. If it does not flow, it means that everything is good!The mother’s mentality is also very important, you can rest assured, just go seriously for each birth check.This is this sentence that made Jiuma really relieved.

Each baby is very strong and sensible, so pregnant mothers must treat them carefully and don’t give up lightly.At the same time, we must also be worthy of our children’s reluctance and love for us. It is our responsibility to do every outlet.

Pay attention to Jiuma, let you learn more about pregnancy and parenting information with your own real experience [Delivery] [Flying Kiss]

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