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Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, July 16th. Title: High -quality construction of "Kangyang Famous City" -Hegonghuangdao, Hebei Qinhuangdao, vigorously develop new observations of life and health industry

Xinhua News Agency reporters Yan Qilei and Guo Yaru

Kangyang resources accelerate the gathering, the industrial chain is continuously improved, and the high -end medical care is accelerated … Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, which is located in the seaside, is led by the national health industrial park -Beidaihe Life and Health Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone.Quality development.

Cultivate life and health industry clusters

In the Biological Manufacturing Industrial Park located in Beidaihe New District, Micro Dare Synthetic Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is stepping up the implementation of project construction.Thanks to the support of the development and application policy of synthetic biotechnology in the demonstration area, after the project is completed, the company will use the production of bilirubin green synthetic biological manufacturing technology of the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

"This technology is low -carbon and environmentally friendly, low -cost, can replace traditional inefficient pork bile extraction technology, realize the large -scale and stable production of bilirubin, promote the development of artificial beef and yellow and in vitro cultivation, reduce the high sale of terminal beef and yellow drugsPrice. "Liu Bo, the founder of Weiyuan Synthetic Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd..

The Beidaihe Life and Health Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone established in 2016 has a planned area of 520 square kilometers. The core area is located in Beidaihe New District.The demonstration zone adheres to innovation -driven, uses ecology, location, and cultural advantages to explore in the medical and health industry, and first test first in the aspects of medical and health industries, and in terms of new medical technology, new drugs, and new equipment approval access.

"The whole life cycle is concerned about the health of people, the health of the whole chain serves people, and develops a healthy industry in all aspects." Wang Xi, secretary of the Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee, said that Qinhuangdao City took the initiative to seize the strategic opportunities such as health China and actively responding to the aging of the population.The five -in -one life and health industry cluster of "Medical, Medicine, Nourishment, Health, and You" has accelerated the creation of China’s well -known cities in China.

At present, Qinhuangdao City has planned and promoted 179 life and health industry projects, with a total investment of more than 262.62 billion yuan.In the first half of this year, there were 30 projects in the field of life and health, with a total investment of over 19.012 billion yuan, and 77 projects were concentrated, with a total investment of over 21296 billion yuan.

In the innovation demonstration zone of Beidaihe Life and Health Industry, the project construction is stepping up.Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Yaru Photo

Promote the development of regional medical care

Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qinhuangdao Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qinhuangdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.Since being approved in October last year, the first batch of experts entered a cooperative hospital to regularly promote the checkpoints, conduct personnel training and recruitment, and deepen the construction of specialty.

"Thanks to policy support, some international advanced medical technology can be tried first in the demonstration area." Hu Kaiwen, deputy dean of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that it can be listed abroad and the number of new medicines and equipment that has not yet been approved in China can all.Try first.

Beidaihe Life Science Park on February 15.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyao Yang

Qinhuangdao City aimed at the forefront of the world medicine at the forefront, which attracted a group of leading international and domestic medical and health institutions and projects.At present, 12 top domestic and foreign medical institutions have settled in Beidaihe Life Science Park in Beidaihe Life and Health Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone.The Qinhuangdao Hospital of Peking University was approved by the pilot project of the second batch of national regional medical centers, and the Qinhuangdao Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was approved for the fourth batch of national regional medical center projects.

"The landing of Qinhuangdao, two major national regional medical centers, and two major national regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional regional medical centers, will help adsorb neighboring patients to seek medical treatment to Qinhuangdao and help the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei." Said Huang Lixin, deputy director of the Qinhuangdao Development and Reform Commission.

Create the destination of living in recuperation

Near mealing time, 77 -year -old Tao Xingyun came to the restaurant restaurant in Guangnian in Beidaihe District.Tao Xingyun is from Shanghai. Before the summer of this year, she came to the resort center and planned to recuperate here for one year.

During the Light Years, the Kangyang Resort Center is a well -owned care institution. Here, one -click calligators, intelligent signs detection sleeping bags, safety protection bracelets and other professional suitable for old -agitating home design can be seen everywhere.

"There are local elderly people who stay in our center, and many elderly people from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong and other places.Li Huimei, the person in charge of the resort center.

On February 15, the three elderly people visited the garden of the Care Center in Light Years.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyao Yang

In recent years, Qinhuangdao City has vigorously promoted the coordinated development of health service industries such as high -end medical care, rehabilitation, health tourism, and physical fitness and fitness. The tourism service industry has accelerated from the "first quarter tourism" in summer to "four seasons".Large -scale comprehensive pension service venues have increased significantly. At present, there are 58 pension institutions in the city, with more than 10,000 total beds, and people who choose agencies have increased year by year.

During the "14th Five -Year Plan" period, Qinhuangdao City will promote the life and health industry to shift from the rapid start -up stage to the comprehensive construction stage, and cultivate first -class life health industry clusters.By 2025, the north of Daihe Life and Health Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone will be the main battlefield. The city will cultivate nearly a hundred companies with main business income of over 100 million yuan.

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