Hou Weidong’s official Notes Chapter 125


Chapter 125 Differential (5)

The sun is sunny on the Lake of Shazhou, the breeze blows, and the lake surface is sparkling. Although it is only early spring, it has begun to release a faint spring meaning.

Several guests in Yiyang County were arranged in Building 6. Building 6 has a large platform with some precious flowers and plants, feeding a dozen koi, and on the platform, you can look at the beautiful lake.

Zeng Zhaoqiang was soaked by the hot spring, and he was sitting lazily on the rattan chair with the sun.

Zhu Bing and Hou Weidong played Go on the side. The Chinese and Japanese Go confrontation races have trained a large number of true or false fans. Zhu Bing and Hou Weidong are one of them.

Li Jing changed her light -colored skirt, and her hair was combed again. She personally brought a basin with a high -grade set of high -end Jingde Zhen porcelain, a teapot, three cups.

"The county chief, this is the latest Yiyang Qinglin Mingqian tea. After specially made, the taste is mellow, please taste it." When Li Jing spoke, there was still a deep affection in his eyes.

Zeng Zhao looked at the exquisite Li Jing, secretly recalling the Snake battle just now, and thought about it slightly: "In the end, people are middle -aged, and the combat effectiveness declines sharply."

Li Jing then said with a few words to Zhu Bing and Hou Weidong, and suddenly there was a telephone ringtone in the waist. She took the phone and said to Zeng Zhaoqiang: "Zeng County, sorry, some guests arrived, I want to say hello, I want to say hello, I want to say hello.With one sound, you use tea first, and I have made people arrange dinner. "

Anyone who can come to Quanhu is not rich or expensive. Zeng Zhaoqiang waved his hand at Li Jing and said, "Let’s be busy, don’t care about us." He is a understanding person, knowing Li Jing like a woman, Jin Fengyu Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du dotsYou must have an exclusive attempt.

Li Jing came to Hou Weidong and Zhu Bing, and said, "Zhu Shu, Hou Zhen, you play slowly, I’m going to entertain." After she drifted away, there was a faint fragrance on the platform of Building 6.

Although Li Jing did not show up again, Quanhu’s service quality was indeed first -class. He came with a foreman in a work clothes. After obtaining consent, he put dinner in the small room on the left side of Building 6.

There are not many vegetables, but it is wonderful;

There is only one bottle, which is Moutai. Moutai wines sold in various cities across the country are not authentic, and the Maotai of Quanhu is said to be absolutely authentic.Hou Weidong poured a large glass of Moutai wine with a white porcelain cup. It is estimated that there are more than three or two. The wine is very sticky. It seems to be faintly sticking to the wall of the wine glass.

The three people drank Moutai and ate wild fish that came from the Yangtze River.

After drinking half a glass of wine, Zeng Zhaoqiang opened the box. "I am a rural child, and now I can’t forget the scene of being hungry. When I was in a secondary school, my favorite was to go to the vegetable market.Pork, when you hear the sound of knife cut on the chopping board, you will feel particularly satisfied. "

"Zhu Bing and Wei Dong are both cadres and children. They have not been hungry, and they do n’t feel it when they say."

After Zeng Zhaoqiang’s memories of bitterness, the banquet was almost over. Li Jing still did not appear. All three of them understood that she must have encountered more important guests, so she did not come toasting.

Zeng Zhaoqiang finished drinking the last bite, ate two more steamed dumplings, stood up, and said, "Li Jing must not come, we will open the way."

Zhu Bing quietly said: "Madman, you take my car, let’s talk about it."

Zeng Zhaoqiang was the deputy county chief. When he came, because there was no car, Hou Weidong and Zeng Zhaoqiang took a car. There was no problem. At this time, there were two cars. Hou Weidong should not sit in the same car as Zeng Zhaoqiang. This is also the hidden rule of the officialdom.

Hou Weidong is also a clever person. He Wenxian song knows elegance. He and Zhu Bing followed Zeng Zhaoqiang and walked towards the parking lot.

The Quanhu Community is very distinctive. After entering the gate, there is a dam. Ordinary guests stop the car in the dam, and then eat at the large restaurant near the dam to enjoy the lake view.The important guests use different lanes to lead the guests to different communities.

Hou Weidong enjoys the treatment of VIPs every time, so he has never met acquaintances in the community.When the building came out and passed by, he turned his head and stared at Hou Weidong, and Hou Weidong glanced at him.

The man was in a well -fitting texture. He held the car key, kept around the circle in his hand, took a few steps, stopped, turned back, and called, "Hou Weidong."

Hou Weidong also reacted at this time. This man was the son of the mayor, the owner of the Crescent Tower -Bao Gao, "Fantastic, hello."

"The new house on the face is not installed, and the first batch of first batch of settled in the Crescent Tower."

Bu Gao learned from the small mouth of Xiao Jiakou that Hou Weidong was a township cadre in Yiyang County, but he was a little strange about Hou Weidong’s house in the Hou Weidong. However, he was strange and strange.In this case, he met Hou Weidong in Building No. 6, Quanhu, and immediately aroused his interest.

Hou Weidong politely said: "Thanks to President Bu for providing such high -quality housing."

These two sentences have nothing to do with empty cave, Hou Weidong waved his hand towards heights, and said, "Bou, I am leaving first, goodbye."

"Township cadres who have graduated from university for two years can come to Quanhu Lake, and they can use Building 6. It seems that this kid is not easy."

When Bu Gao walked to the top of Building 7, he could just see the cement road from Quanhu Lake. In the distance, two cars slipped over the narrow cement trail in turn, and soon disappeared into the sight.Stroking his chin with his hands, showing his thoughts.

Hou Weidong stayed in Yiyang for a day and did what he should do. He returned to the housing of Shazhou College. In the looming piano sound of the West District, he thought about his mind at will under the lamp.

Back to Yiyang from Quanhu, passing through a small town in Donghong, Shazhou. In July 1993, when Hou Weidong passed Donghong, Donghong was still a dirty and dirty town.Suddenly, I felt that it was bright. I did n’t know when to plant a row of mackerel on the side of Donghongchang Town. The street was extremely clean. The street heart also made a garden, which looked completely changed.

Zhu Bing often passed from Donghong. At that time, when he saw Hou Weidong staring at Donghong, he said casually: "Donghong made a new town and passed from the north. Their slogan was to build the back garden of Shazhou.,not bad."

Su Ming once asked Hou Weidong to think about the characteristics of the Qinglin government. After seeing the changes in Donghong Town, Hou Weidong had ideas in his heart.

At this moment, in the moonlight song, he closed his eyes and thought of the appearance of Qinglin Farm Town, and his thinking gradually became clear.

Early in the morning on Thursday, Hou Weidong rushed towards Qinglin Town in Qinglin Town. When he arrived at the field, he deliberately got out of the car. After walking around the town, he walked along the street towards the government courtyard.

A small car drove out of the government, and the endless dust brought on the face, just like a sudden heavy snow, surrounded Hou Weidong tightly.

The stores along the way will fall on the side of the road. White garbage and residual soups are shocking. The residents of the farm town have turned a blind eye to this. A student -like girl brushed a bunch of garbage.

Hou Weidong met Yang Feng from the noodle shop and couldn’t help asking: "Why is the town so dirty?" Yang Feng wiped the red oil on his mouth with his hand paper, and said, ", Just finish it. "Hou Weidong shook his head straight and said:" More dirty than the Town of Qinglin Farm. "Yang Feng explained:" There are only 700 people in Qinglin Farm Town, and there are 3,000 people in Qinglin Farm Town.If there are more people, it is difficult to control. "

Yesterday, I still enjoyed wine and lakes and mountains. Today, I returned to Qinglin Farm Town to eat ash to watch garbage. This contrast is too great.

Hou Weidong shot the dust on his short hair and said: "The environment of the field should also be governed."

When I arrived at the office, I read the new documents again. Hou Weidong came to the Su Ming office and said: "Mayor Su, you have to think of the tasks you hand in these days, some ideas." Su Ming put down the pen and said, "Tell me."

Hou Weidang said: "The tasks facing towns and towns are the same. The new government must grasp the characteristics. It is easy to talk about. I have not demonstrated it, but I just feel.The construction of the town is messy. The house is pulled by the rooster with his claws., Low grade and need to be rebuilt; third, the environmental sanitation of the town is too poor. From the head of the town to the town, the hair and nostrils are all gray. "

Su Ming paid attention to listening. When Hou Weidong finished speaking, he asked, "What is your center meaning?"

"I think, if our government can change the appearance of Qinglin Town, combine Qingshan, Green Water, and Field Town to create a beautiful, livable small town, just like the small field town in Europe.If you really do this, it will definitely cause a sensation in Yiyang and even Shazhou. "

Su Ming said: "Hou Zhen, your thoughts are very good, that is, the amount of engineering is too large, involving a large number of demolition, the contradiction is prominent, it is a horse honeycomb, it will definitely not be completed within three years." He paused and said:After that, you and I are still in Qinglin Town, and everyone is unclear.

"Su, in fact, I have an idea. Every time I go down the mountain from Shangqinglin before, I will always stand on the stone station on the half -hill slope for a while. I can see the panoramic view of Qinglin Farm Town."

"There are a lot of trees around Qinglin Farm Town, but the town is full of messy houses. It can’t be seen a little green. In the back of the town, there is a large flat on the small slope.Build a new town behind Xiao Po. "

"Symptoms first, and stop the construction in Laochang Town at the same time, and guide everyone to build a house in Xinchang Town."

Su Ming was leaning on a high -back chair and thoughtfully.

Hou Weidang said: "If you cannot build a new town for the time being, we can pay close attention to the sanitation of the field town. First, consider the hardening of the town hundreds of meters, so that the soil is not easy to bring it into the town.The team can collect some money from each resident, and keep cleaning every day. "

Su Ming nodded: "This matter can be done. In the past, there was a cleaning team in the town, but there were not many people, and the requirements were not high."

"I was inspired from Shangqinglin Elementary School. The buildings in Shangqinglin Elementary School could not work. Due to the planting many osmanthus trees, it became beautiful.Turning Qinglin Town into osmanthus town. Of course, you don’t need a laurel tree, you can use the small leaf Rong and the French sycamore. "

After Hou Weidong left, Su Ming took out the map of Qinglin Town and kept scratching on the map with a ruler. Sometimes, the good idea was like a layer of paper. He opened it, and people suddenly realized that things can be done like this!

Su Ming also became interested in the idea of building another new green forest.

When Zhao Yongsheng pushed the door and entered the door, when he saw Su Ming looked at the map concentrated, he laughed: "Su Zhen, how do you look at the map."

Su Ming pulled Zhao Yongsheng to the table. He said: "Secretary Zhao, I have been thinking about the work of the new government. Today, I have a bold idea, which may not be mature."

Zhao Yongsheng put one hand on his waist and said, "It doesn’t matter if you are immature.

After listening to Su Ming’s thoughts, Zhao Yongsheng’s brows frowned together. After a while, he said, "This project is too large. I am afraid that it will not be over in ten years.There are hundreds of acres of land, and the amount of land is too large, all of which are Liangtian mature soil, and you can’t approve it. "

Su Ming explained: "This is just an idea. The specific implementation must be demonstrated. At present, I think this can be done."

Zhao Yongsheng did not agree to build another Qinglin Town at all. He turned off the topic and said: "Tomorrow is the propaganda and mobilization meeting of funeral reform. I am always a little uneasy.If things are indispensable, Hou Weidong jumped from an ordinary clerk to the position of the deputy mayor. Without passing through the secondary team, I was worried that his experience was not enough.

Su Ming has more contact with Hou Weidong in his work. He said: "Hou Weidong is very stable, his mind is clear, and the working method is good. He is more assured. At least he is on the Qinglin Mountain."

Zhao Yongsheng said: "This is not fake. If there is no ability, how can he be selected as the deputy mayor." In his mouth, he said: "I would like to host the funeral reform work, I always worry about it."

"I don’t think it’s necessary to do it. You can rest assured that you can do it. Finally, you can check it out." The more Su Ming looked at the map, and the more he was interested in the new plan.It can be considered at the party and government joint meeting. See how everyone’s opinions? If everyone thinks it is okay, you can find the comrades of the Construction Commission to take a look. "

When Zhao Yongsheng saw Su Ming twisted the topic of the new town, he was a little displeased in his heart. He said: "This is a major event related to the town. This year’s conference is not proposed, so don’t mention it.It is feasible. At the next year, the people will be proposed again. Su Zhen, you can’t see it. "

Seeing that Zhao Yongsheng did not agree with this, Su Ming calmed down. He put his pencil on the drawing and said, "Okay, the new town is temporarily put"

Zhao Yongsheng smiled on his face, sitting opposite Su Ming, and said: "I went to the county party committee’s organization department the day before yesterday.Which village do we report? "

Su Ming put all the villages in his mind and said, saying: "To say that it is particularly bad, you can’t say it at once. If it is retained with hard indicators such as coordination and agricultural taxes, I am afraid it will be counted as a few villages across the Qinglin River.","

Zhao Yongsheng stroked his forehead. "Mayor Su’s suggestion is very good. According to this idea, I asked Liu Kun to go to these villages to run. Next week, the party and government co -meeting will be settled."

Hou Weidong was sitting in the office to modify the material of tomorrow’s speech, and Zhao Yongsheng called a telegram.

"Hou Zhen, how are you ready for tomorrow?"

Hou Weidonghui reported: "At present, two important documents have come out. One is" Notice on Making Funeral Reform in Qinglin Town ".The documents of the funeral reform leadership group have been printed out. "

Zhao Yongsheng interrupted: "How to open the meeting?"

"Let me read two documents first, and then talk about specific issues from Su Zhen, and finally emphasize by Secretary Zhao."

Zhao Yongsheng has already got the draft. He is still satisfied with the manuscript, and he has not changed much. He said: "This matter must be promoted steadily. The original preparation was a three -cooked meeting. I thought about it.First unify the thoughts of the village secretary and the two major cadres, and then open the three -cooked meeting, and return to the Sannan Club. "

Zhao Yongsheng was relatively satisfied with Hou Weidong’s preparations. He called Liu Kun again and said, "Open the funeral reform work meeting tomorrow, how about your work in this regard?"

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