How about your husband’s performance during pregnancy

When you have a baby with a big belly, your husband will treat you.

I think the answers of each couple are different. Although they are different, they are still similar. The subdivision is into two categories. One is that the husband cares about his wife actively.Not good -looking, all kinds of unusual rejection, etc.

In short, some men are bad, some men are good, and some men are not obviously good or bad, so let’s not say, just say good or bad men here.

The good man’s husband knew that his wife’s wife was holding her stomach and was inconvenient to walk. She should have a life more, and her body became heavy. She was afraid that the wife would fall. I always reminded my wife to be careful, and sometimes he came forward to help his wife.

Take her to the hospital for inspection, help her get on and off, help her at home to cook and cook, showing more considerate, and she cares about her wife with special care and gentle care.

Sometimes, from time to time, I talk to my baby through my belly, comforting and touching my wife’s belly, and getting in touch with my wife and children.

When my husband does not need to go to work, take care of the preparations and comprehensiveness. Like a professional, clothing, food, housing and transportation are thought for his wife, buy more comfortable pregnancy clothes, with more nutritious dishes, living to make your wife a lot of spacious, sometimes walking is still still for it.Help.

Some husbands are not enough, and they are idle. From time to time, learn about childcare knowledge, and first learn more about parenting knowledge.

Yeah, there are such idle and rich husbands. It is rare to see it. Sometimes it is impossible to meet, not every wife is so lucky and happy.

Sometimes my husband is very tired after getting off work. He is still busy doing help to do housework. It is inconvenient to watch his wife doing things slowly.If you should cook, you should mop the floor, and you should take care of all thoughtfulness and pity.

It really makes many women’s wives envy, jealousy and hate. Compared with one hundred and eight thousand miles, the sky is different.

The wife who couldn’t think of it was not as good as that he was not good at his life. Someone wanted to open it.

Some husbands saw that their wife was holding a big belly, just like a disgusting look. It felt that his wife not only became ugly, but made him disgusting and proposed to sleep in bed.

Secretly derailed to find beautiful and charming fresh women, returning home is like a man’s momentum. Not only is he playing with his mobile phone, but he does not help his wife to work. I want to wait for my wife to serve himself. Sometimes it is bad.It’s stupid.

Although few people in the middle class are now treated, there are still many in the grassroots society, and some are even worse.cruel.

Most of the overall society in today’s society is generally not good or bad, and it is not bad to go there. It ’s not good to go there. The advantages and disadvantages are uneven.Balanced satisfaction is fun.

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