How are women afraid of heat during pregnancy?Daddy: She stiffly made me summer, and it became winter

Women are more afraid of heat during pregnancy, so the temperature of the air conditioner is very low.

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When a woman knows that she is about to become a mother, her mood can be said to be very complicated, and it seems that she grows up for a moment.

For pregnant women, pregnant in October can be described as hard and happy. During this period, not only should you experience the discomfort of pregnancy, but there are many pregnant women who will have heat. I feel that it has not been done.

In fact, many expectant mothers have chills before pregnancy, but they become very afraid of heat after pregnancy, and often adjust the air conditioning temperature at home to very low.Obviously the temperature outside is very high, but due to the fear of heat during pregnancy, it is just that her husband has overwhelmed summer.

Spectacler A: Before I was pregnant, I was a constitution that I was afraid of heat, but I did not expect that I was afraid of heat after pregnancy. I just caught up with the summer, but I can imagine the sin.

But the hardest thing is my husband. I stayed in the house every day when I was air -conditioned and fans, but my husband still felt cold with a quilt. Later, I could only change to a house to sleep.

Bao Ma B: I have been at work when I am pregnant. I was afraid of heat in the company. At that time, in April, my colleagues were wearing long sleeves. I changed it early.The air conditioner in the conference room is secretly lowering, and colleagues are frozen.

Later, everyone knew and took care of themselves. Every time they met, they were prepared to be a coat. I have to say that their baby’s baby has the care of these aunts and uncle.

Daddy C: My daughter -in -law is particularly afraid of heat now, and she has made me a hot summer in a cold winter. Usually, she has to cover a small blanket in the house.

She usually shouted cold when the air -conditioning temperature was adjusted to 25 degrees. After pregnancy, I was directly adjusted to 22 degrees. I can only say: convinced!

1. Steady metabolism

Women who are pregnant during pregnancy will supplement a lot of nutrition for the baby’s development. Although it looks like a pregnant woman is eating, it actually supplements the nutrition of two people.

However, as the fetus continues to increase, the metabolism of pregnant mothers will also accelerate, which will promote blood circulation, but will make expectant mothers particularly afraid of heat.

2. Affected by changes in hormones in the body

Starting from pregnancy, the hormone in the body has changed quietly, and due to the impact of this hormone, it will make the pregnant woman feel very hot. Even if they are afraid of cold, they will become afraid of heat.

3. It is a fear of heat

Some women themselves are afraid of heat. They are usually much more feared than others, so when they are pregnant, they will become more feared.

1. The diet should be lighter

The diet of pregnancy should be matched as much as possible. Do not blindly supplement it, and you can eat some fruits appropriately, use fruit to eliminate heat, so that the body’s thermal energy can be relieved.

2. Supplement water

Because of fear of heat, the body will sweat a lot. At this time, you must replenish water in time to alleviate the discomfort of physical heat.

3. Light clothes

Due to pregnancy, the pregnant woman will be inconvenient to act, so coupled with the fear of heat, try to choose the clothes as much as possible.

4. High -heat weather, reduce going out

If pregnant women are in high fever, try to go out as little as possible, so as not to make the body feel hotter, but it will increase physical discomfort.

【Write in the end】

Pregnancy is a very hard thing for women. I also hope that my husband can understand his wife more and spend this happy and hard process with pregnant women!

Today’s topic: Are you afraid of heat during pregnancy?

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