How can a weak men like it?

How can a weak men like it?

Reported person: Mr. Niu

Age of consultation: 31 years old

Family address: Guizhou Province

First diagnosis time: January 2016

Indications: Zhao Kaifeng

Main condition: weak spermatozoa sperm iconic veins

Breeding situation: Born a boy in May 2017

In the outpatient clinic on the second floor of the Kunming Zi Bird Hospital, Director Zhao Kaifeng held a cute doll and asked everyone to guess the baby’s gender.At first glance, this doll was wearing three small braids, red rubber bands, and white face, which made people feel like a little girl, but Director Zhao asked everyone to guess the gender of the child. It is likely that it is a boy.IntersectionWhile everyone was talking about it, Director Zhao announced the answer: People are the boys of the Eight Classics!"Why are you still a small pigtail?" "So white, if a little girl, that is a big beauty when he grows up!" Everyone’s voice surprised the child to look at the world. He probably didn’t understand why his parents would take himCome to Kunming to send Zi Bird Hospital.

The child’s father, Mr. Niu, took his wife from Guizhou to Yunnan to make a living. They did a lot of things: sell clothes, set up stalls, sell early, help people deliver goods, etc. The days are bitter, but the couple are together,Its profit can be broken!After a few years of hard work, the two had a small shop, opened a small supermarket, and the days gradually improved.They planned to start having children, but found that they were not pregnant in the year after year.This made them feel helpless and some panic.Under the introduction of the fellow, they came to Kunming to send the Zi Bird Hospital.

After inspection, Mr. Niu’s wife was healthy and no problem, but Mr. Niu had some physical problems.The routine semen of Mr. Niu showed that he suffered from weak sperm and sperm veins.Mr. Niu did not expect that he would have problems. In his opinion, the main reason for not getting pregnant should be on the woman!Director Zhao, who has done clinical work for more than 20 years, can understand that the patient has such an idea. He patiently tells Mr. Niu: Pregnancy is something that couples do together, and both men and women may have problems.With a problem, you don’t need to be too nervous, or you feel that you are not normal, not a man.Modern people’s life pressure and work pressure are great, and there is a problem with physical problems. As long as the problem is solved in time, it can also give birth to children normally.Surgical treatment solves the problem of Mr. Niu’s spermatic varicose veins; the problem of weak sperm, Director Zhao formulated the treatment plan for drug conditioning for Mr. Niu.

After a period of conditioning, Mr. Niu’s wife was pregnant. In May 2017, a boy was given birth!Because the child’s skin is fair, it is often brought to a small braid by neighbors, which is a scene at the beginning of this article!

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