How can I be sure that the sow is pregnant?Determine the four methods of sow pregnancy!Must -see pigs

In the process of raising a sow, there are often pig friends to consult. I breed my sow, and I do n’t know if it is worthy. How can I see it?I believe this is also the trouble of many farmers.Then I will talk about how to judge sows successfully.The pig farmers must collect it.

1. How do sows look at the match and don’t match?

1. See if the sow is back: We all know that the estrus cycle of the sow is 21 days, so we can judge according to the sow’s estrus cycle. If the sow is for 21 days, there is no emotional symptoms, which means that the motherPig breeding successfully.In order to ensure the health of sows and abdomen in the abdomen, we can add long -term feed: the mother animals are too guaranteed+multi -Wei Pacific. It has the effect of protecting the fetus and the phenomenon of premature or abortion during pregnancy.

2. Look at the behavior of the sow: After the sow is successful, the sow’s appetite will also increase. Eat more day by day, change the greedy and sleepy sleep. With the development of the fetus, its temperament will also change.The docile and even unwilling to walk around, and the body shape will become fatter.And sows without successful breeding like to walk around. Eating food is basically the same as before breeding, and there is not much change.

3. Look at the sow’s breast: One week after the sow breeding, we can gently pinch sow’s penultimate pair of nipples with hands. If there are hard things in the nipple, this shows that the sow is successful.It means that there is no successful breeding.

After the sow is pregnant, the breasts swell every day. After 75 days, we can also touch the pig tire on the last two sides of the breast.

4. Use early pregnancy test card: The above three points need to be noticed by our pigs, but there are still many pig farmers who can’t understand it, let alone determine whether the sows are matched.At this time, we can buy a sow early pregnancy test card to judge from the Internet, which is simple and accurate.Just need to take the sow’s morning urine in the S area of the detection card after the sow is breed for 12 days. After waiting for 1-3 seconds, we can see the red line in the test area.1 pink line of the red line, which means the breeding is successful.

2. Precautions for sow after breeding

1. Pay attention to the temperature: If the weather is too hot and the sow is prone to heat stroke, then we can use: winter and summer too guarantee, which can cool down the sows and avoid heat stress.If the weather turns cold, we should keep warm to the sows in time to prevent sows from various diseases.

2. Pay attention to feeding: After the sow is successful, we also need to adjust the feed ratio and replace it with a special pregnancy material for sows during pregnancy.Health.

The above is to judge whether the sow is successful. If your sow is just breeding, we can do it according to the plan of this article, which can definitely help you.

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