How can I handle social security by myself without a work unit?There are subsidies for this

I do n’t know if you find it. There are more and more people engaged in the anchor, riding, and online car drivers. These people have another name: flexible employment.

Data show that as of 2021, my country’s flexible operators have reached 200 million.In other words, among the nearly 900 million working age population, at least one of each person is employed flexibly.

Although the work is more free and casual, "flexible" also brings some problems, such as: no unit helps social security, and pensions and medical care are worried.

Today, let’s talk to you: How much is it cost -effective how to pay for social security?The main contents are as follows:

What is the social security of the operator, what is the same as the social security given by the unit?How can I handle the social security as a flexible employment?Flexible employment status and social security, can also receive this subsidy

Regarding flexible employment, you have to understand these

Many people may not understand: What is flexible employment?

In layman’s terms, people who do small businesses, work zero or have not signed labor contracts with enterprises are all flexible employment.Such as individual vendors, housekeeping clocks, takeaway riders, online car drivers, self -media writers, online anchors, etc.

They work to make money in a flexible and flexible manner. In labor relations, they do not rely on a certain fixed enterprise, or simply choose to use the Internet as a "main battlefield". They are their own units.

Honestly, the efficient operation and extreme convenience of society today cannot be separated from the efforts and efforts of so many flexible employees. The country has also introduced many policies to encourage flexible employment.

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On the other hand, although flexible employment is higher, most of them are working for a day, making money for a day, and their income is not stable.The most important thing is that social security is not in place.

For office workers who have signed a labor contract and have social insurance, they are sick and have medical insurance, work injury to work injury insurance, pregnant fertility insurance and paid holidays, unemployment or company closure and unemployment……

But for many flexible employment people, no work unit does not give them social security, whether it is illness, unemployment, or future pension problems, it must be completely dependent on themselves. The pressure is not ordinary …

Once there is a change in life, such as being sick and unable to work, it is possible to turn the previous efforts into bubbles and put the entire family in crisis.

Therefore, it is recommended that friends who are flexible employment must guarantee themselves.Among them, social security is our first line of defense!

Flexible employees, how to handle social security is the most cost -effective?

Nowadays, social security has covered all aspects of our lives. We may be restricted by it.Therefore, it is very important to transfer social security.

1. Flexible employment personnel, how to submit social security?

Friends who are flexible employment or do not work, and if they want the guarantee of social security, there can be two options:

Social security for employees as flexible employees: Generally includes employee medical insurance and employee pensions. The two enjoyment of these two enjoyment is the same as that of office workers.Social security of residents: including residents ‘medical insurance and residents’ pensions. It pays once a year and the cost is not expensive. The medical expenses can be reimbursed according to the corresponding proportion, and the pension can be adopted for a certain period of time.

It can be seen that whether to pay the social security, whether you choose to pay the social security as a flexible employment or the social security of the residents, you can generally only pay medical insurance and endowment insurance, without fertility, unemployment and work injury insurance.

However, there are exceptions in some places. For example, Beijing can also pay unemployment insurance as flexible employment; in Guangdong, friends who are flexible employment can also pay work injury insurance.

So, which are the better ways to handle social security?

In summary, residents’ social security spends less and the treatment is relatively poor; and to handle employee social security as flexible employment, although more money is paid, but the overall treatment will be better.Can receive more pensions.

By the way, everyone is reminded that if you also want to pay employee social security as flexible employment, you must pay special attention to whether there are restrictions on household registration in your city. At present, some cities do not support foreign hukou to participate in social security as flexible employment.

In order to facilitate everyone to understand, we have sorted out the requirements of the household registration requirements for flexible employment status to participate in social security:

If there is no city where you are, you can also log in to the official website of the local social security bureau or call the social security hotline (area code +12333) for consultation.

All in all, if you want to guarantee better, all requirements are also in line, then everyone can decisively choose to handle social security in a flexible employment manner.

2. Employee social security will have better treatment

Pay the social security of employees in a flexible employment manner. For the specific payment rules, we have also summarized it:

Payment of employee medical insurance as flexible employment: Usually pay a fixed amount of monthly, and after a certain period of time (15-30 years), you can enjoy medical insurance reimbursement treatment for life.Payment of employees’ pension as flexible employment: freely choose the payment base (the paid base for most cities is 60%~ 300%of the local average salary) and years. Usually, the monthly base is paid at 20%of the base.It can adopt pension in 15 years.

The payment base, that is, the grade of payment, for example, the average monthly salary of the local area is 6000, and you pay at the lowest level of 60%. The payment base for each month is: 6000 × 60% = 3600 yuan. Based on this20%, the actual fee is 720 yuan.

It can be seen that medical insurance costs are fixed, and everyone pays it directly; but pension insurance must choose to pay the payment base and years by themselves, which can affect how much pension can be received in the future.

How can I receive more pensions?

Let’s take a look at the pension of flexible employment employees and pensions: Calculation formula:

The formula is relatively complicated. The focus of the red frame is focused on the money and the payment of the payment of the personal account.

In summary, the higher the payment base, the longer the payment period, and the more pensions received every month after retirement.

What is the difference between the different fees and fees, how big is the gap between the pension after retirement?

Take the 35 -year -old Xiao Song as an example. The average salary of the local society is 6,000 yuan:

According to the level of paying at 60%, the annual pension insurance paid for the month is: 6000 × 60% × 20% = 720 yuan at a rate of 100%.20% = 1200 yuan

Choose different payments and time, and how much pension can be received after retirement, we also calculated:

(Note: Assuming that the salary of the community does not rise, the above data is obtained according to the national social security calculation platform, which is for reference only)

Speaking of conclusions directly:

Pay 15 years of pension insurance at 60% grade, and the pension after retirement is the least; and if you pay at 100% level for 25 years, you will only get 7,200 more than 15 years per year than the same grade.Not counting the annual social wage increase.

Therefore, if you want to receive more pensions after retirement, pay directly at high grades, and try to extend the annual limit of paying.

3. Social security for your own social security, what are you dealing with it?

If you want to handle social security in a flexible employment manner, you usually go through two steps:

Insurance registration is conducted on the local government official website or social security bureau; after approval, it can be paid directly on the government’s official website or through mobile phone Alipay, WeChat, etc. every month.

Take a foreign household registration in Shenzhen, which is flexibly employed to hand over social security in Shenzhen as an example to show you the specific operating process:

Personally applied for social security with flexible employees for the first time

月 After the registration is successful, use mobile phone to hand in social security every month

The processing process of various places is similar. If you do not list your city, you can also go to the official website of the Social Security Bureau or call 12333 to learn about the specific policies.

Flexible employees can also receive this benefit

Many people do not know that the state has also launched a social security benefits: individuals hand in social security as flexible employment, and they can also receive thousands of flexible employment subsidies.

We take the four cities north as an example. Let me see who can get it?How much can I get?

At present, most places have flexible employment subsidies, but the amount of subsidies is not the same.

If you meet the conditions for receiving, you can apply for the time to get the subsidy!For the specific application process, we have also organized it, you can refer to:

Flexible employment subsidy policies are different. If you want to know more specific information, you can consult the local social security hotline 12333.

Common questions and answers

Finally, to answer the popular questions of flexible employment and social security for your reference.

1. Flexible employment personnel, how to calculate the retirement age?

At present, the state does not have a unified regulations for the retirement age of flexible employment. Generally, men are 60 years old and women are 55 years old.

In some areas, there are preferential policies that meet the local policies, and they can retire at the age of 50.

For example, a woman who is interacting with social security as flexible employment in Guangdong Province, if she did not pay social security as employees before, the retirement age is 55 years old; those who have paid pension insurance as employees and do not work in management technical positions at the age of 50. The ageYou can retire.

In Shandong, women with flexible employment can retire at the age of 55; if they have worked in a collective enterprise above the county and participated in the insurance as an employee for 10 years, they can also apply for retirement at the age of 50.

The preferential policies and corresponding people in various places are different. If you want to understand it in detail, you can log in to the local government network or call the 12333 social security hotline.

2. Is it feasible for a third -party communication?

The affiliation of the traffic association does not meet national regulations, and there is a lot of risks. It is not recommended that everyone do this.There are three specific reasons:

The fee pays more: In addition to all the five insurance costs, pay an additional handling fee every month, and a lot of money in one year.The company is unreliable: Individual and Hanging Company do not have a real labor relationship. Once the unit is running or closing, not only is there no guarantee, but the money that pays social security may also be drifted.It may face the disaster of prison: If you really deceive the social security benefits such as fertility and work injury through the company, once investigated and punished, it will be fined 2 to 5 times. The huge amount will even have a prison disaster.

In summary, in any case, we do not recommend everyone to connect the company to social security.

At the end

How to make 200 million flexible employment groups have no worries, it is the hot issue of the two sessions this year.

In the latest government work report, it is mentioned that it will improve the flexible employment social security policy and promote the pilot pilot of occupational damage protection.

This means that more flexible employees, such as takeaway riders, mass actors, etc., also have the opportunity to be guaranteed by work injury insurance.

We also believe that with the development of society, the guarantee of flexible employment people is becoming more and more complete, and friends with flexible employment will be more confident and confident in the future.

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