How can I treat it correctly when the menstrual period is delayed and the test is found to be pregnant?

When menstruation is delayed, when I go to a pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips, how can I take it correctly when I find an accidental pregnancy?The risk of unexpected pregnancy is higher than the risk of ectopic pregnancy, so you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to check it. So how to do it?

Early pregnancy test paper two red lines, there is, there is

When you find an accidental pregnancy, first think about your current state, is you married?unmarried?What is the attitude of a boyfriend or husband?Current economic situation?This requires comprehensive analysis, and having a child is a matter of two people. In the future, there are babies’ support, teaching, and so on. Therefore, we must discuss it well and think well.If the situation is allowed, I prefer to suggest that the baby is born, because his/her arrival is that the angel is coming, and this is really a good and good fate, which is rare.

Angel comes

What should I do next to the next step after thinking about the baby’s going and staying?It is recommended to go to a professional women’s insurance house to check and check, because the risk of accidental pregnancy is higher than the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, you must check it well. It is recommended to check the blood HCG, progesterone and gynecological B -ultrasound, and judge the hormone level of pregnant women’s hormone levels.The fertilized eggs are inside the palace.If you are outside the palace, this child cannot be kept, and sooner or later will have a miscarriage, and pregnant women also need to perform surgery. It is very risky. It is found as soon as possible and treated as soon as possible. This will have a better recovery.Therefore, be sure to remember that when the early pregnancy test strip detects accidental pregnancy, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to check and check it.

Common parts of ectopic pregnancy, dangerous

If it was 40 days of pregnancy at that time, the color Doppler ultrasound did not prompt to see the baby’s heartbeat, and do not worry, because it was still early. Most babies made a heartbeat at 50-60 days of pregnancy.Don’t be nervous.In addition, if the level of hormones with blood testing is slightly abnormal, don’t be too nervous, because hormone levels are highly related to pregnant women, anxiety and other factors. At this time, pregnant women need to relax.It is excellent, and the hormone level is abnormal. Generally, obstetrics and gynecologists will recommend reviewing 1-2 weeks to judge the situation of pregnant women according to dynamic indicators, so don’t be nervous.

I eat happily, eat nutritionally

At this time, you need to further clarify the baby’s problem.If it is because it is too surprised and choose not your baby, you must do it as soon as possible.If it is within 45 days, it is recommended to use a drug abortion for abortion.Because the abortion of drugs is relatively safe, the success rate of abortion is also very high, and it will not have too much side effects on the body. In addition, the body recovers after the drug abortion is also relatively fast, and there will be no sequelae.However, the drug flow also depends on personal constitution. The obstetrician and gynecologist said: Some pregnant women’s medicine flow and the flow is not clean. It needs further pedestrian flow surgery for curettage treatment, because there is no tissue embryo residue in the uterine cavity, otherwise it will cause other bad ones to cause other bad onesDiseases, such as uterine cancer, etc.; If you are pregnant for more than 45 days, you have to perform abortion in time.

Must go to a regular hospital

At this time, you must go to a regular hospital for surgery.After all, the body is its own, and the future is still long. It cannot cause various hidden dangers in the future due to incorrect abortion, and the sooner the abortion surgery is done, the safer.EssenceIf the fetus develops too large, the situation will become very complicated, and the damage to your body will increase.When performing abortion surgery, it is recommended to choose painless abortion. This method is solved in the sleep state of pregnant women. To a certain extent, a series of complications such as uterine perforation caused by nervousness of pregnant women are avoided.More calm and more comfortable.

Fitting abortion surgery

Precautions after abortion: 1. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition: After the abortion, you should rest in bed for 2 to 3 days. Do not engage in heavy physical labor within half a month after the abortion and avoid contact with cold water.2. The uterus after abortion takes about one month to recover.Therefore, pay attention to increasing nutrition and intake of sufficient protein. You should eat more fish, meat, eggs, and soybean products rich in foods and fresh vegetables rich in vitamin to enhance the body’s resistance to the disease.Speed up your body’s recovery.3. Keep the vulva clean and hygienic, and prohibit the same room: During this time, pay special attention to keeping clean and hygiene in the vulva. Do not take a bath within half a month after the operation, so as not to enter the vagina without clean water, leading to bacterial invasion and causing infection.Do not have the same room within a month after the flow of people.4. Observe the bleeding situation and strictly prevent the increasing condition: the vaginal bleeding after the abortion is more than a week, and the symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor and odor should be re -examination and treatment in the women’s insurance hospital in time.

Angel coming

Then if you choose an angel, you must look at the various precautions of pregnant women from now on.For example, to supplement small -dose folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, in addition, eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as cabbage, lettuce, rapeseed and other vegetables, as well as animal liver and kidneyFruit, dairy products, etc.So why is this?That’s because of the three months before pregnancy, it is a critical period for neural tube and main internal organs.At this time, if the folic acid intake of expectant mothers can cause abnormal development of the fetal nervous system, so be sure to supplement folic acid.Furthermore, for example, pregnant women are not recommended to eat crabs, because of cold, so you must learn relevant knowledge on the Internet or on books, and you must give birth to a healthy, smart, and beautiful angel haha. Of course, the most important thing is the most important thing.It’s healthy haha.

Do you understand the above medical knowledge sharing?If you have any questions or feelings, please ask questions, I will reply after seeing it.Understand health knowledge to prepare from time to time.I wish you healthier and good luck!

Dr. An’an, Department of Neurology

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