How can I treat it when I encounter terrible syphilis in pregnancy?

Syphilis: chronic systemic transmission disease caused by pale and dense spiral body.It can be passed to the next generation through the placenta, which belongs to Class B infectious diseases (new coronal viruses are also belonging to Class B).

Syphilis is a global public health issue, and the incidence is one of the important indicators of public health levels.

Pregnancy syphilis treatment medication:

Early pregnancy syphilis: The WHO-SII guide recommends that the muscle injection of osteophyllin Glinomycin G2.4 million units once a week is 3 times in a row; muscle injection of 800,000 units of Pulukinininin, once a day for 15 consecutive days.

(Not the first choice).

Symony syphilis: The WHO-SII guide recommends that the muscle injection of the sarcoporin G.2.4 million units once a week is 3 times in a row; 800,000 units of Pulukinicillin in the muscle injection daily for 20 days.

When penicillin is allergic, oral erythromycin, 500 mg each time, four times a day for 30 days.

Because erythromycin does not pass through the placenta, the baby is used to apply penicillin after birth.

Principles of pregnancy syphilis:

1. Early pregnancy -avoid fetal infection

2. In the middle and late pregnancy -the infected fetus is cured before childbirth, and it is also treated with pregnant women.The treatment distance is at least 30 days to take birth to effectively prevent congenital syphilis.

3. Regardless of which treatment plan is selected, it is recommended to treat a course of treatment each 3 months in the early 3 months of pregnancy and 3 months in the late pregnancy.

4. After the treatment, the syphilis serum response should be checked once a month before childbirth.

5. If the pregnant woman’s plum poison serum examination is positive and cannot exclude syphilis, although it has received anti -syphilis treatment, in order to protect the fetus, anti -syphilis treatment should be received again.

6. In the pregnancy of syphilis patients, if regular treatment and follow -up, no re -treatment is required. If there is doubts about the last treatment and follow -up, or the examination is found that there is signs of syphilis activity, a course of treatment should be received.

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