How can my girlfriend allergic to semen?Can you have a baby?Doctor: Try 2 methods

Recently, Xiaojiu has received such a private message:

My girlfriend is a big talk!I have been with her for two years. In the past two years, I have repeatedly expressed their wanting, but my girlfriend always refuses.Last night I expressed my needs again. She still refused. I asked the reason, and she refused to say.Finally, I said that she said that she was unwilling because she was allergic to semen. If she really did that kind of thing, she would breathe very difficult, and her face and face would itch and swell.That’s why he was reluctant to have a relationship with me.After I heard it, I felt that she was lying to me. How could anyone be allergic to semen?Want to ask this is true?

People are indeed allergic to semen, and the incidence of women is higher.In 1958, foreign scholars reported the first example of female semen allergy.More and more cases have been reported. A survey results involving 1,073 women show that 12%of women have the clinical manifestations of semen allergies.In the United States, it is estimated that 20,000 to 40,000 women have the problem of semen allergies.

So why are women allergic to semen?

There are dozens of specific antigens with sperm and semen in semen, and most women are not allergic to these components.However, some women are allergic, which will respond to the inhibitory substances in male semen. When contacting sperm, the body will release the combination of IgE molecules and the antigen in the semen, and then produce antigen reactions (mainly in the semi -slurry.Protein composition is allergic), which causes allergies.

Symptoms of female semen will appear during contact with semen or 1 day, which can be mainly manifested as vulvar/vaginal itching, burning sensation, and swelling and pain. Some severe patients will experience vascular edema, dyspnea, asthma, and general urticaria.Performance.

Chen Shuqin, director of the Gynecology Department of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that the best way to prevent semen is to prevent semen from contacting the vagina directly.For some women who have not planned to have children, they can choose to use condoms to prevent allergies when they are in the same room.

However, for women with a planning plan, the semen can flow out of the body as much as possible after the same room, and wash the vagina/vulva with warm water.If the situation is serious, it is prone to symptoms when you contact semen, and you can take anti -allergic drugs 30 minutes before the same room to reduce the body’s allergic reactions.Pay attention to the guidance of professional doctors, and it is the same reason to prepare for pregnancy.

In fact, the strange allergen in life is not only one type of semen. Some people’s allergic substances will make people cry and laugh.

1. Allergy to water

The name of water allergies is water -based urticaria, which refers to allergies to water including tears and sweat.British girl Nia Seri is a patient who is allergic to water. She once shared her experience in "struggle" with water on social media.

She said that as long as she exposed to water, she will cause allergies to the skin, manifested as swelling, itching, and pain, and scratching the skin will cause the skin to bleed the skin.So she did not dare to cry and sweat daily.The most difficult thing in life is to take a bath. Every time you take a bath, you need to go through the "1981 difficulty".

Before bathing, she needs to measure body temperature and blood pressure. Under normal circumstances, she needs to clean the skin with a dry brush, and then enter the bathroom to start bathing.In the first five minutes of bathing, she needed to let herself relax in the hot water with soothing agents. After the body adapts to the hot water, she immediately began to rinse. Finally, she immediately rushed out and wiped her body at the fan before the pain came.

This is not the end. Next, she needs to face a series of pains such as hot skin burning, itching, redness and swelling, and her body temperature will rise sharply. She can only wait for the discomfort of her body.Bathing this time is "Purgatory" for her.

2. Constitulay allergy

At present, most of the condoms on the market are made of latex. If some people are susceptible to allergies, it is more likely to have latex allergies.After allergies, genital rash, redness, itching, etc. may occur. In this case, we must avoid using latex condoms.

3. Allergy to money

Money allergies are mainly divided into two cases. One is to allergies to nickel -chromium metal in the coin, and the other is the ink allergy to the ink on the banknote. After contact, contact dermatitis is prone to occur.

4. Allergy to wifi

There is a 15 -year -old girl in the UK who is allergic to WiFi and will have symptoms such as headache and tiredness after contacting WIFI.This phenomenon is clinically called electromagnetic allergies, and exposure to all electromagnetic waves will bring discomfort to the body.

For some people who are susceptible to allergies, we naturally find ways to deal with daily life. These three methods are what you need.

1. Avoid allergens

If allergic symptoms occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital to test what allergens are.After clarifying your allergens, avoid contact as much as possible in your daily life, so that you can avoid allergies to a large extent.For example, allergies to seafood, avoid eating seafood and allergies to alcohol, then do not contact alcohol and food.

2. Drug treatment

The commonly used anti -allergic drugs include antihistamines, hormone drugs, and oral drugs. People who are prone to allergies should follow the doctor’s advice.

3. Desens

Desenside therapy is a type of immunotherapy. The immune response of allergens is used to treat allergies.During the treatment, doctors will gradually guide patients to expose allergens, slowly reduce the body’s response to allergens, and gradually increase the amount of contact to make the body gradually offensive.

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