How can pregnant mothers "eat" to be healthier and smarter for babies?

“The most memorable thing during pregnancy”

"I am pregnant, the baby needs nutrition, I eat more!"

"For the baby can grow and fat in the stomach, make up more health products, necessary!"

"In order to be smarter for the baby, I have to eat more nutritious food!"


But is this really good for the growth and development of the baby?

In fact, "eating too much, eating well is not the same as eating."

The so -called healthy diet principle is:

1. Pay attention to the balanced nutrition, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse.

2, less oil, less salt, and light diet.

3, a small amount of meals, don’t eat too much.

4. Try not to eat barbecue, fried and pickled food.

5. Stay away from tea, caffeine and alcohol.

Reference diet guide:

The staple food is 200-350g, of which a part of the coarse grains and beans must be

300-500g of vegetables, more than half of dark green vegetables;

300-500g of milk, 200-350g of fruits, 20g of soybeans, 10g of nuts;

50g of eggs, 75g of livestock and poultry meat;

Eat 1-2 times a week, 75g each time;

Eat animal blood or internal organs once a week.

Source of various nutrients:

During the diet, milk, eggs, fish, meat, shrimp, etc., provide the protein required for pregnant women and fetuses.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, supplement vitamins, mineral nutrients, and dietary fiber required in the body.

Botanical oils can provide nutrients required for fetal vision and central nervous nervous development, and you can choose linseed oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc.

Nuts are very beneficial to fetal brain development.You can eat more walnuts, dates, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.

1. In the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have pregnant vomiting.

In terms of diet, you must focus on your preferences and eat whatever you want.

Pay attention to a small amount of meals, try to eat lightly as much as possible to avoid spicy food.

Keep some vegetables and fruits every day, increase appetite, and add a little bit of nutrients needed for other body.

2. In the second trimester, the pregnancy reaction disappears, and the pregnant mother’s appetite becomes better.

At this time, pay attention to diverse diet, but do not overeating.

It is necessary to replenish iron supplements and pay attention to calcium supplementation to meet the needs of fetal growth.

You can eat more fish, meat, eggs in your diet;

Drink more milk, eat more vegetables and fruits;

Try to avoid snacks or junk foods.

3. In the second trimester, as the fetus increased, the pregnant mothers easily felt unwell in the stomach after meals.

At this time, you should also pay attention to diet, eat less meals, and do not eat too much.

Avoid excessive diet to prevent the fetus from being too large.

Avoid eating too popular foods to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

In addition to diet, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to exercise appropriately, and control the weight and grow reasonably.

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