How can we plant good peppercorns?How to plant, sow, seedlings, and dry?

Pepper is a very good seasoning crops. After planting, it grows fast after planting. After a few years of planting, it can bloom and bear a lot of flowers and the age of the tree.During the heyday).In the countryside, many farmers often grow some pepper trees on the open space and around the housing and the orchard vegetable fields, and can even plant pepper trees on hillside, wasteland, and roadside, because peppercorns trees are required to plant soil conditions.It is not high and has a very strong environmental survivability. The pepper tree is resistant to heat and heat, but not waterlogging. If it is planted in the low -lying stagnant water, it will grow.

Today, this article will tell you about the growth characteristics of the pepper tree; ② the sowing and breeding of pepper tree, the management of seedlings after seedlings, and the fixed management of the seedlings.The transplantation management, grafting management, water and fertilizer management, pruning management and other knowledge of peppercorns.

1. Several growth needs that must

(1) Pepper is a tree type that likes sufficient light. Planting it in places with sufficient sunlight can better flowering results (the amount of light in the annual light cannot be less than 1800 hours).The ability to grow well and have poor flowering and fruitfulness.

(2) Pepper is a tree type that likes a warm environment. The pepper trees planted in the areas where the climate (the average temperature value of the average annual average year is not less than 10-12 degrees).The peppercorn trees are not good.

(3) Pepper is a tree type with strong drought tolerance. Even in areas with dry climate and less precipitation, or on the barren hillside, roadside open space, and dehydrated wasteland, as long as the yearThe precipitation is not less than 500 millimeters, so the peppercorns grown in these places can also grow normally (soil is too barren, which can survive and grow but it is not good).

(4) Pepper is a tree type with low requirements for planting soil. It can adapt to most of the planting environment and most of the soil texture.It is recommended that you try to plant it as deep and loose in the soil layer, the pH value of the soil is neutral or slightly acidic (pH 6.5-7.5), the sandy soil with fertile and humidity of the soil (open sand land) or limestone with good permeability and breathable.Quality soil (Xiangyang Slope), these two soil types are most suitable for planting pepper tree.The rainy areas, the low -lying land, the soil with too much acid and alkali, the soil sticky soil with severe and severe soil, which are suitable for planting peppercorn trees.

Second, what time is the most suitable sowing for peppercorns?

If you want to sow the seedlings of seedlings to plant peppercorns, then you can choose to plant sowing in mid-late March-mid-April or mid-August-mid-August-mid-October (specific sowing time at the local temperature). Generally, wait until spring until springWhen the soil temperature rises to 15 degrees or above, or wait until the autumn temperature drops to 20 degrees and below, this is suitable for planting peppercorns at any time-the best temperature range at the time of peppercorns is about 15-20 degrees (the temperature is lower than 12 degrees below 12 degreesOr above 28 degrees, it affects the seeds to germinate and seedlings). After low temperature sowing in spring, pay attention to covering insulation to prevent low -temperature freezing damage. After sowing in autumn, pay attention to covering the solar to prevent high temperature and strong light exposure.

When you plant the peppercorn trees for breeding seedlings, the agricultural technical back basket recommends that you should plant as much as possible in the autumn, because in the spring of low soil temperature, you generally need to germinate and sow, and there is no need to germinate to plant directly when the autumn temperature is sown.Even if the same ascetic germination or soaking the germination is not as impressed, the peppercorn seeds sowed in spring are far less than that of the peppercorn seeds sowed in autumn.

However, when you sow the seeds of peppercorns in the spring and autumn seasons, you can actually sow the actual sowing situation to be flexibly decided to sow sowing or sowing in autumn: if the spring rainfall is warm in spring rainwater, and there are many high temperatures in autumn, then try to sow pepper in spring. IfIn the spring of the planting place, the climate is less, rainy, dry, windy weather, and warm and humid in autumn, so try to sow the environment in autumn as much as possible.Because the warm and humid climate environment is more conducive to the rapid and neat sprouts of peppercorns in the soil and growing seedlings and strong seedlings.

3. How do peppercorns pick up storage seeds correctly?

The seeds used in the seedlings of peppercorns can be collected from the peppercorn trees (the newly collected one -year seed germination rate is high, and the old old seeds that are used for 2 years and moreCollecting the pepper seeds that are most conducive to germination of seeds. When collecting peppercorns seeds, we must focus on the following five points:

① Choose the robust and early results of the peppercorns of the tree for about 10-15 years at the age of 10-15 years;

② After the peppercorns mature from mid-to-late August to mid-September of that year, seeds are collected (sowed seeds are pickled 7-10 days late than eating seeds);

③ Mainly collect seeds from Xiangyang’s strong branches (first cut off the ears of the ears, and then remove the granules to pick the peppercorns), collect those peppercorn fruit purple red, the internal peel black (this is a sign of the mature pepper), mature and mature, andFull peppercorns seeds;

④ The peppercorn seeds are harvested and rinsed and cleaned after drying the wind and dried after drying.Mix the gray ash and store seeds.

Fourth, how to plant seedlings correctly?

① Switching during the period of time and temperature: mid-to-late March and late April in spring or mid-August, mid-to-late August-mid-October, wait until the soil temperature is stable at 15-20 degrees, spring seedlings covering, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn, autumnPlanting sunscreen.

② Soak the seeds first, germinate and then sowing: Because the seeds of peppercorns are thick and hard and waxy, the peppercorns are directly sown into the soil.Only in order to break the shells and germinate), it is also easy to cause peppercorns to directly sow the seedlings and germinate the seedlings late, and the seedlings are uneven.

Therefore, you should soak the planting sprouts before sowing the peppercorn seeds (sowing in spring must be soaked in germination). You should first take the peppercorns to put it out in the sun for 2-3 days (wake the seeds in the dormant period), and then be in the dormant), and then in the dormant), and then in the dormant), and then in the dormant), then in the dormant), and then in the dormant), and then in the dormant period), then in the dormant), and then in the dormant), then in the dormant), and then in the dormant period)Put the peppercorn seeds in alkaline water before sowing (soak 1 kg of peppercorns seeds to add 20 grams of alkaline noodles in the water) soak for 1-2 days to soften the shell to absorb water.Go to the ground without germination and seedlings), then repeatedly wash and remove the oily wax layer outside the seed shell, remove and rinse it. Finally, wrap the seeds with a clean wet gauze and put them in a 20-25-degree water.When most of the peppercorn seeds are broken, the seeds are broken (seeds broken belly) to sow.

③ Fertilization of land: Fed the entire land before sowing (the plant must ensure that the water or the drainage can be smooth, and the seedbed bottom fertilizer can be applied per mu.Urea), and then wet the soil to the soil in advance.

④ Sowing dosage and sowing method: According to the amount of seeds per acre 6-8 kg, the peppercorns seeds are evenly broadcast by the row trench strip (or the acupuncture points at the same distance) to the soil.After sowing, cover with plant ash or fine soil for about 1 cm thick). After planting peppercorns, you must ensure that the soil temperature is 15-20 degrees and the seedbed soil is always moist.Do not bud.

5. How to manage after planting seedlings?

① If the peppercorns are sowed after being soaked and sowed, then after sowing, when the temperature and humidity conditions are appropriate, the seedlings can be sprouted in about 7-10 days (the seeding time of the direct-sowing seeding will be very slow).

② After the peppercorns germinated and the seedlings are 3-4 cm high and 6-8 cm high, the seedlings are once (the first seedlings, the second seedlings+the seedlings, and the seedlings must be weed each time), two weeds), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two), two).After the secondary seedlings, keep a rational plant distance of 10-15 cm, and keep about 20,000 pepper seedlings per mu after setting seedlings.

③ After the pepper seedlings grow 2-3 leaves after transplanting, if you find that the pepper seedlings grow yellow weak, you can sprinkle 3-5 kg of urea per acrePotassium is sprayed twice in a row, and sprayed once every 7-10 days to promote the enhancement of weak seedlings.

③ When the peppermint tree seedlings grow up to 10-15 cm or more, they can be transplanted. If the peppercorns are 70-100 cm, they can be transplanted (usually the peppercorn saplings you buy are generally the height), then everyoneIt is best to cut off before the seedlings are transplanted.

6. How to make the pepper seedlings correctly?

If it is the peppercorns transplanted by your own seedlings (suitable for large seedlings with more than 60 cm or more), generally you need to cut off the branches (cut off the part above the position of the cadre) and then transplantTransplanting survival rate.The specific method of dried pepper sapling is:

① The growth of pepper sapling should be fixed in time when it reaches 70-100 cm-two years old and the main trunk of the saplings exceeds 60 cm.

② The height of the dried pepper sapling is generally about 40-60 cm (not fixed) -the pepper tree tree should be low or low, and the plant density is slightly lower.

③ The dried pepper trees are generally dried in the dried pepper. Generally, the buds are cut and then fixed, that is, all the side branches within 30-40 cm from the ground cut off all the side branches, wipe out all the buds, and then from 40-60 cm from the ground to the ground.Putting it flat and cut off:

First, remove the new buds and branches of less than 30-40 cm;

Second, it is necessary to cut off the backbone of the selected backbone from 40-60 cm at 40-60 cm (promoting the tender buds under the cut mouth to germinate as soon as possible);

Third, 4-6 full bud eye bodies should be kept at 10-15 cm below the sloping inclined mouth (the spatial space of the buds under the cut mouth is the pruning and plastic band of the pepper tree), and the reserved incision is selected under the dry incision.After these 4-6 buds germinating branches and leaves, they will choose 3-4 strong branches of different angles in different positions as the main branches of pepper trees. Wait until these new buds grow about 50-about 50-At 60 cm, at this time, the main branches are topped and topped to promote the first -level branches of sprouts and germination, so as to cultivate different levels of branches to cultivate excellent tree structures, and laid a good skeleton for the continuous blooming results after the pepper tree.Base.

Completing the above work (the first year of the first year of the newly planted pepper seedlings is just the main side of the main side of the main side), then the seedlings of the pepper tree, the management of the seedlings after the seedlings, and the fixed dry management before the seedling transplantation are transplanted.It’s basically complete.

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