How can women get pregnant?What are the performances in the early days

As an adult, it is necessary to understand some pregnancy physiological knowledge.Many people do not know how to be pregnant. In fact, women have a certain change in psychological and physiological.The following explain the conditions of pregnancy and some performance of pregnancy.

Human conception is a complex physiological process and can only be achieved under certain conditions.Specifically includes the following three conditions of fast and normal conception:

1. The physiological and psychological functions of both men and women are normal (except for artificial insemination), including the men’s testicles can have normal sperm discharge, and the woman’s ovarian has normal eggs;

2. In the same room during ovulation, this is a condition for promoting the normal combination of sperm and eggs.

3. Normal sperm and eggs are normal after men and women. Eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tubes and combine it into pregnancy eggs and be transported into the uterine cavity. The endometrium is suitable for the pregnancy of the pregnant egg.

All in all, only when sperm and eggs are combined normally, they will become pregnant in the uterus.

(1) Do you get pregnant during the safety period?

Women have a small chance of conception in the safe period, but do not mean that it is completely impossible to conceive, depending on whether the woman ovulates is regular.If a woman ovulates in advance due to physical factors, it is possible to get pregnant during safety.

(2) Do you get pregnant in vitro?

Men’s physical ejaculation makes women’s pregnancy rate lower, but it does not rule out that a small amount of semen ejaculation has been ejaculated into the female vagina before the in vitro ejaculation or orgasm, resulting in contraceptive failure.

1. Menstruation stop

Menstruation stopping is the earliest and most direct manifestations. It is normal for ordinary women to delay for about seven days. If it is more than ten days, it is likely to be pregnant. However, it should be noted that there are many reasons for menstruation. It is not necessarily caused by pregnancy.It is best to go to the hospital for examination.

2. Feel nausea and want to vomit

You may feel like you want to vomit or nausea. Although you are also called "morning vomiting", you may feel nauseous all day long.Your sense of smell will become sensitive, and the taste you like before may cause vomiting.

3. Breast pain

If your breasts are tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant.After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this pain will fade, and the breasts will not feel uncomfortable.

4, feel sleepy

You who were originally energetic suddenly felt sleepy and fatigue, and a large amount of luteal secretion would make you feel exhausted.You can observe other symptoms to determine your judgment.

5, frequent urine

After the early pregnancy, the symptoms of increasing urination due to increasing uterine compression of the bladder often appear to the toilet frequently.Don’t worry, as the uterus gradually increases beyond the pelvic cavity, frequent urination will disappear naturally until the third trimester will appear again.

6. Similar to pre -menstrual syndrome

Early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to pre -meal syndrome. You will feel abdominal pain, breast swelling, and the vagina may flow out of a small amount of light powder or brown secretions, making you feel like an old friend is coming.

7, appetite changes

You may suddenly want to eat sour things, or never like things before.Some women have begun to change appetite shortly after the period of menstruation (1-2 weeks).Nausea, vomiting, worsening in the morning.The taste has also changed: after menopause, I suddenly like sour taste or other foods that I did not like; I am tired of greasy; I usually like to eat things, I do n’t like to eat it now;I do n’t want to eat anything, and even when I smell food, I want to vomit, and so on.Medically, this phenomenon is "early pregnancy reaction". This is not a disease, and generally does not need to be treated with drugs.After half a month to a month, these symptoms will disappear naturally.

8. Rise body temperature

If you measure the base temperature every day, you will find that the body temperature rises.

1. Use early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks

This is the most convenient method. After buying a regular pharmacy, you can do it at home.Women will secrete human chorionic gonadotropin on the seventh day of pregnancy. Use test strips and pregnancy test sticks to detect urine to know whether this hormone exists and whether to get pregnant.

2. B -ultrasound

This is the most reliable method. Go to a regular hospital for B -ultrasound. If there is a pregnancy ring and there are dark areas in the ring, you are pregnant.However, it should be noted that it is not until five weeks of pregnancy to see if there are blastocysts in the uterus, and B -ultrasound can also detect whether ectopic pregnancy is existed.

3. Blood or urine testing

This method of testing is more sensitive and accurate than early pregnancy test strips. It can also be correctly judged on multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and hydatidal tires.

The time for pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last menstruation.It can be checked that pregnancy can be checked for more than 7 days.Generally, you can check whether it is pregnant for more than 30 days.In addition, some of the above -mentioned manifestations are only as preliminary judgments to be pregnant. The above symptoms may not be pregnant.After the same room, the above response appeared, and the possibility of pregnancy is very likely. In order to know more accurately whether you are pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for an examination.

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