How did the ancients "pregnancy test"?The methods of various countries are very different!Netizen: Fortunately, born in modern times

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Today, women want to know if they are pregnant, there are many ways, such as the most common "pregnancy test sticks" and "B -ultrasound". These methods can accurately let women know whether they are pregnant.

The reason why it can be so convenient and completely conducive to the development of modern medical technology, and the progress of technology has brought great gospel to women in fertility.

I don’t know if you have been curious. In ancient times, how did women know after pregnancy?

Old Egypt: See if the seeds germinate

Ancient Egypt is the birthplace of many cultures in the world. The leading field is not only a variety of knowledge and literature, but even the earliest pregnancy testing method is the culture of Egypt.

As early as 1359 BC, the ancient Egyptians invented a pregnancy test method at that time- "seed pregnancy test method".That is, pour women’s urine on the wheat species. If the seeds germinate, it indicates that women are pregnant, otherwise they are not pregnant.

Even the ancient Egyptians still speculated that the gender of the fetus was speculated by the type of seed germination. The seemingly absurd "pregnancy test method" was as high as 70%at that time.It’s really big.

Europe: smell of urine

With the accumulation of experience, European people found that women’s urine after pregnancy is different from normal people’s urine, especially odor and color. Women’s urine after pregnancy is darker and stronger. Therefore, Europeans have begun to observe observationThe way of urine to determine whether women are pregnant.

However, because urine is also affected by other many aspects, the misdiagnosis rate is relatively high.

Ancient China: No. Xixi

In ancient my country, the most common way to judge pregnancy is naturally "the pulse".As long as Chinese medicine is touched by the pulse of women, they know whether women are pregnant, and the accuracy is quite high.

This method is mainly through the difference between the pulse and ordinary people of pregnant women, and if you judge the state of the recent diet (bad appetite, vomiting), you can easily judge whether women are "happy".

Seeing so many pregnancy tests, many people said: Fortunately, they were born in modern times!

After learning that they are pregnant, most people are naturally ecstatic, but some people do not want their children’s ideas. Naturally, they need to take contraception measures. So in ancient times, how did women contracept?

1. Rodies

In ancient times, when people realized the reason for their pregnancy, they would contraceptive by discharging women’s pregnancy.

Like curved knees, jumping hard, stubborn, or sneezing, letting women’s bodies have a strong vibration, thereby letting sperm out of the body. It is said that this method of contraception is not bad.

2. "contraceptive pill"

In ancient times, "contraceptive pills" were not as safe as now, and ancient contraceptives were "mercury".In ancient women to take a small amount of mercury to contraception, although it was effective, it had great harm to women’s uterus and body.

3. "condoms" made of animal organs

Hundreds of years ago, the ancient British knew that the animal’s small intestine was used to make a condom, but naturally it was not as safe and convenient as it is now.

Seeing this, I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients. In the age of relatively backward medical technology, various methods have been applied to contraception and pregnancy; and in modern society with mature medical technology, women’s judgment methods and contraceptive methods after pregnancy alsoMore scientific and healthy.

Today, the pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test strip can be said to be a great invention. Women only need a little their own urine, and they can detect whether they are pregnant in a few minutes.

However, although these two are high -tech products, the accuracy rate is not 100%. Due to the multiple influence of the number of gestational weeks and urine, such as too small gestational weeks, drinking too much water to dilute urine, etc.The pregnancy test has been detected to detect men’s pregnancy.

Therefore, the most accurate way is to go to the hospital for examinations, such as "urine inspection", "B -ultrasound", "blood HCG examination", etc. The results are very accurate.

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