How difficult is the third trimester?Insomnia and edema?How did pregnant mothers survive

In the late pregnancy, the abdomen of expectant mothers gradually bulged.Meeting with the baby is getting closer and closer, and the action will become more and more inconvenient.The burden is increasing, and the body will have many symptoms unique to late pregnancy.

These uncomfortable symptoms make the expectant mothers feel difficult. In addition to patience, in fact, as long as they can understand the cause of physical discomfort and take effective strategies, they can be much more comfortable.

1. Donestion symptoms such as back pain and back pain occur

With the increase of the pregnancy month, the increasing burden on the lumbar spine is increasing, and these physiological changes often make the pregnant mother feel back pain back pain.

At the same time, because of the impact of hormones, pregnant mothers will feel pubic pain.These pains make pregnant mothers uncomfortable when walking.

Kind tips:

Although the pregnant mother feels backache and back pain during this period, it still needs appropriate activity to make the body adapt to change.You can walk more, swimming is also a very good exercise that makes pregnant mothers relax.It can also relieve physical discomfort by changing different postures.

2. Edema

In the third trimester, many pregnant mothers find that their calves and ankles are often swollen. When they press a pit, sometimes even fingers and wrists will swell, and their shoes cannot be worn. They often feel panicked.

If the edema is mainly limbs and it can be relieved after rest, then you don’t have to worry too much. This is a normal phenomenon due to increased capillary permeability during pregnancy and the impact of hormones.

If the edema is serious, and there is no relief after rest, and even the face begins to swell. At this time, you need to seek medical treatment in time. Check whether it is a pathological factor.Such as hypertension, heart disease, and liver and kidney disease may cause edema pregnant mothers. These are very harmful to pregnant mothers and babies, and they need to be vigilant.

Kind tips:

Try to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, such as standing, walking back and forth for a long time, or keeping the same posture unchanged.Set up some of the lower limbs during static can eliminate edema well. In addition, the diet should be less salt, and usually drink more water.

3. Stomach discomfort

At this time, many pregnant mothers will also have stomach discomfort, such as bloating, stomach acid, and stomach burning, and sometimes feel nauseous.Mainly due to changes in endocrine and gastric acid reflux caused by increasing uterine extrusion, these unwell symptoms occur.

Kind tips:

Pregnant mothers should follow the way of eating less and eat less meals, and do not overeating.In addition, the diet should be as light as possible to avoid greasy. Foods that are too sour and too sweet can also stimulate the stomach to produce a lot of gastric acid, and eat less.Soda biscuits are very good for the stomach, and pregnant mothers can eat more.If the stomach is unsuitable, you must seek medical treatment in time and do not take medicine yourself.

4. Insomnia in the third trimester

The third trimester is a difficult process. Due to the impact of hormones and the oppression of the uterus, pregnant mothers will start insomnia.I ca n’t sleep at night, and my emotions will be affected, because the worries of pregnant mothers during this period will increase, and the changes in the body will also affect the quality of sleep.

Kind tips:

Take a hot bath before going to bed to help sleep; creating a comfortable sleep environment can improve sleep quality; the most important thing is to relax and feel good for yourself and the fetus.

Facing the discomfort during pregnancy, every mother is a female warrior.However, the symptoms of discomfort of pregnant women are only the transitional phenomenon during pregnancy, which will not have much impact on the fetus, so don’t worry too much.

How do you deal with these discomforts?You can share it with you in the message area ~

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