How do I get pregnant?The 18 -year -old girl questioned the doctor: Who said that the virgin could not get pregnant

Introduction: With the gradual improvement of the family’s economic conditions, the focus of the parents is slowly, from making money to children’s education, because there are too many cases in reality, they are telling parents that family education is far higher than to give children higher than children to children.Material life is much more important.

The implication is that parents make money for their children, live a better life, obtain a better learning environment, and education they have received.

However, it turns out that most of the children who lack parental discipline, most of them are affected by the lack of family education by children who have been educated by higher education.

Therefore, parents are more and more concerned about their children’s growth. Children who are in children are more likely to discipline. However, once the child is in adolescence, the resistance and rebellion of their parents will also make their parents very helpless.

For adolescent children, some parents are unhappy, not unwilling to care, but that the child has reached the point where it is difficult to discipline.

Today, I want to discuss with you a video topic that appeared some time ago. The picture in this video is a 18 -year -old girl expressing her experience.

The girl said: I haven’t come to my aunt for almost three months. At first I felt that it was just my aunt’s time was irregular, but after I arrived at the hospital, the doctor began to make a series of examinations.As a result, I said that I was pregnant!

However, I have always been virgin, how can I get pregnant!Speaking of which, the girl was already in tears. At the same time, the doctor also showed her the girl’s B -ultrasound checklist and said: The results of the inspection will not deceive, you are really pregnant, and the child has been more than two months old.

After the doctor said these words, the girl’s emotions became more and more excited. Through the performance of the girl, we can realize the helplessness of a 18 -year -old girl who is pregnant. It is clear that they are still a child.What about it?

The doctor began to communicate with the girl, and wanted to figure out the cause of pregnancy. At the same time, the girl could also be at ease. The doctor understood why the girl was pregnant by dialogue with the girl.

Although the girl has always stated that she is still a "virgin", she actually had a "one relationship" with her boyfriend, but this only happened on the surface of the body, and there was no relationship between normal male and female friends.

However, the doctor told the girl: There is no need to take the last step between men and women to get pregnant.Because as long as there is sexual contact, boys will also secrete matter from the body.

This kind of "virgin pregnancy" is called "finish Huaizhu" in medicine. Although this happens very little, it does not mean that it does not exist.

After listening to it, the girl suddenly realized, but now that she is in the golden period of studying, it is also the most critical period. At this time, this kind of thing is good, what should she be good!

Perhaps you will feel that since the two parties have not had sexual relationships, the girl should not be pregnant!

Because the chances of this kind of thing are still very low, I do n’t know that this kind of thing does not represent ignorance, but there are many people who do n’t know about this aspect, especially young people, so this will cause this kind of this kind.Tragedy occurs.

As we all know, after the girl came to the aunt, she represented her ability to give birth, so as long as there was a boy’s sperm at this time, entering the girl’s uterus, it was possible to contact the eggs to form fertilized eggs.

Perhaps many people think that as long as the girl’s hymen is not broken, she will not get pregnant. This is a particularly wrong idea, because the hymen does not grow in the vagina, but is covering a film on the outer part of the vagina.There is a small round empty in the center.

In fact, the girl’s aunt in the past month will smoothly discharge from the body through this small round hole, so the virgin pregnancy is also because of the boy’s sperm. From this small round hole, it successfully entered the vagina.Essence

The consequences of stealing the forbidden fruit have no way to change anyway. Many teenagers also cause such tragedies because of the lack of sexual knowledge. Whether in the body and psychological, teenagers must bear it outside of this age.pain of.

Therefore, as a parent, the work of doing sex education for children is imminent. In order to avoid this situation, we must do the following two points

First, parents need to give their children science -related physiological knowledge from an early age

Only by the parents’ talk about sex education can children better learn sexual knowledge. Only when the parents guide the child to the right path, will it not allow the child to learn from some bad channels and understand the sexual knowledge and mistakenly enter into it.Different.

For children’s education, parents have to tell them the differences between men and women, to know how to protect themselves, and to say that they are too excited about others!

Parents’ straightforward education will not make her feel embarrassed. If the parents of the 18 -year -old girl above will give her a popular knowledge when she is a child, she will not come to this point today.

Second, parents must let their children learn to respect and love themselves

It is a normal thing for adolescence to germinate the seeds that love the opposite sex, but this kind of goodwill and likes cannot be the reason why girls give themselves to boys.

Therefore, when parents talk to adolescent children, they must lower their posture as much as possible, communicate with their children from the perspective of friends to understand the children’s little bit of occurrence at school., Let children learn self -esteem and self -love.

Now there are many young girls, which are neglected to the discipline of their parents, which leads to the three or four. I do n’t know how to love their bodies.Si Kong is used to it and is accustomed to it.

Conclusion: Therefore, the family environment is huge and the impact on children is huge. Good families can cultivate excellent children, and poor family education will destroy a child.

Therefore, a girl of a girl in the family must tell her what can be done now and what can be done, emphasizing the concept of right and wrong.

In most cases, girls are disadvantaged groups, and they are the same during adolescence. Even if they have more unpleasantness to their parents, they cannot fall into being and abandon themselves.

After all, you still need to be responsible for yourself. Before you do anything, please think twice and then, determine whether the consequences of this matter can bear it yourself.

Don’t destroy your life’s happy life because of your impulse!

Topic today: Will you be afraid of your child’s early love?What would you do if your child encounters such a situation?Welcome everyone to comment at the bottom of the screen!

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