How do women know that she is ovulation?Keep these ovulation signals in mind!

Eggs are a must -have for women’s pregnancy. Without it, even if it has a healthy reproductive organs, it is not available. ThereforeOpportunities are pregnant, but if you can’t catch it, wait for the next month to fight.So, how do women know that she is ovulation?

Signal 1. Small abdominal pain

During the ovulation period, some women will feel the pain of the lower abdomen or the mild fall of the anus. This is because the prostaglandin in the body increases, the pressure of the follicular liquid cavity increases, and the surface of the ovaries will be discharged.In the process, more sensitive women will feel lower abdomen pain.

Signal 2, ovulation bleeding

Due to the severe changes in hormones in the ovulation period, a small amount of uterine bleeding will cause a small amount of uterine bleeding, and a small amount of bleeding is also a normal phenomenon in the ovulation period.If there is too much bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Signal three, increase vaginal secretions increase

This is also one of the most obvious symptoms in the ovulation period. The vaginal secretion increases significantly, and it is transparent, and symptoms such as brushes of secretions can also occur.This is because during ovulation, the cervix is under the action of female and progesterone, and the cervical mouth is opened and a large amount of mucus will be secreted.

Signal 4, increased body temperature

During the ovulation period, the basic body temperature of women will change differently with the secretion of progesterone, but the body temperature will not only be affected by the in vivo, but also affected in vitro.Therefore, if you do not rely on the temperature meter measurement, it is usually impossible to feel that this body temperature rises.

Signal 5. Decrease in resistance

During ovulation, the vaginal secretions will become thinner, which is more convenient for sperm to enter women.At the same time, women’s nasal mucus secretion will also decrease, and the body’s immune ability decreases, increasing the chance of illness.

First, the body is in the best state

I believe everyone knows that having a healthy body is what everyone wants. During the pregnancy, both men and women are healthy, and their fertility can be stronger.Diseases should be treated in time.

Second, the same room the day before ovulation

Many people think that on the day of ovulation in the same room, the pregnancy rate will be greater, but in fact, sperm can generally survive for about 3-4 days after entering women.Therefore, choosing the same room for a period of time before and after ovulation can increase the chance of conception.

The above is some simple introduction to ovulation symptoms. I hope to help everyone. If you have not found your ovulation time, you may wish to judge ovulation test strips or B -ultrasound. The effective efficiency of these two methods is very high.In particular, the second type is that it is more troublesome to go to the hospital, but the pregnancy rate is the highest.

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