How do you know that you are pregnant?Netizens’ answers are like TV series, one is more exciting than one

Most of the couples in life want to choose children after economic stability.However, things are always contrary to their wishes, so those who deliberately ask children often do not want to ask for children. Instead, they do n’t want children at this stage. If they are unintentionally, they are pregnant. In short, they are happiness.

Do you remember how did you know that you were pregnant?This article follows the editor to see the experience shared by netizens. It is really wonderful, which is much better than those old sets of TV series.

@: I have a deficiency of qi and blood, and my aunt is not allowed to come. I often do n’t come for several months.So I found that when I was pregnant, I found that there was a drum bag in my lower abdomen when I was lying down.At that time, I was still in love, discussing with my husband, and felt that it might be a tumor.Go to the hospital for a check, hey, the child is 12 weeks, all three months old!IntersectionIntersectionDoctors say, little girl, you are too big!IntersectionIntersectionBut I did n’t have pregnancy, and I did n’t have any pregnancy reactions. I ’m so fragrant. My parents felt really a miracle.Then the results obtained on September 22nd, on October 6, we had a wedding.Half a month, the two people were busy, and the wedding shop was looking for relatives to add the finished products for 10 days and gave birth to this mixed boy.

@淇: I was pregnant by the little nephew. I once said that my aunt had a little baby. At that time, I couldn’t test the pregnancy paper. It was amazing after a few days.

@To Xinjiang: I have no surprise, my good friends are awesome.Every time I have a menstruation, I have no menstruation. I did n’t have menstruation in the morning. She told her mother that she was pregnant at noon. The aunt said that you checked it, did you test it?She said there is no need to test. I have no menstruation in the morning.After telling her husband, her husband did not believe it.Shock?Menstruation is also amazing!

@: My aunt is particularly fat. Once I suddenly hurt my belly on the street, I went to the hospital for examination, and I knew that I was 6 months pregnant. My mother came back and told me.Aunt was born after the month.I used to see that when I was born, I knew that I was pregnant. I sneered at it and thought it was deceiving.It’s amazing.

@:Is amazing: I did n’t do it for half a year of pregnancy, so I went to the hospital for some examinations. It ’s normal.I tried it early and thought about it. I thought, I could buy my aunt towel without trying it out.I couldn’t believe it, I ran out and bought 10, every day.I confirmed that I was pregnant …

@Erkang on the bank of Daming Lake: Suddenly there was a time, thirst, frequent urination, and head often dizzy, so I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor asked about my symptoms and said that I might be diabetes.Ready to let me conduct the next test. When I went out, the doctor suddenly called me and stared at my belly, "Your belly is big, I said, then look down, and sayIt is more fatter than a few days ago, it should be too much sweets.The doctor said, you can go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to check it out, see if you are pregnant, and then come to me for examination.As a result, I was really pregnant as soon as I checked it, and I was really stunned for more than 3 months.I am happy and sad, because of pregnancy, sadness is because diabetes is true.

@The handsome guy in the front, please stand: I have the same dream for 3 days, dreaming that a little boy calls my mother, and then bought the pregnancy test stick the next day, tested, found that he was really pregnant, family and friendsIt is unbelievable, really amazing, but unfortunately, it is not a little boy who was born, but a big girl.

Finally, what are the interesting experiences?Do you remember how to know that you are pregnant? Welcome to share it.

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