How do you know that you are pregnant?Netizens shouted: I don’t rely on science, depend on God’s dream

It is said that the sixth sense of a woman is accurate. Indeed, countless husbands have experienced the "sixth sense" of their wife’s accurate.So what do these women with a strong sixth sense have the feeling of "strange" before pregnancy?

Pregnant mom dream:

Mengmeng said that when she was pregnant, she often dreamed that the little boy smiled at her. The next day, she dreamed that the little girl smiled at her, and she was beckoning to her and throwing into her arms.After doing such a dream for several days, Mengmeng felt strange, and I foresee that his body was going to change greatly.Immediately afterwards, Mengmeng found that his chest became even stronger, and sometimes he felt panic and dizzy, and couldn’t eat.When I went to the hospital, I was pregnant.Mengmeng now talks about her dreams, and the boy and girl in the community feel kind.

Pregnant mother Xiaoyu:

Xiaoyu said that when she was pregnant, she had no premonition, but her husband often dreamed of the big and red apple and peach on the tree at home. The husband in the dream was also excited to pull her hand.Husband told the dream to the family, and her mother -in -law immediately laughed and said that Xiaoyu Bao was pregnant, and Xiaoyu said that she didn’t believe it at the time.But since then, she found that she had increased to the toilet, and her abdomen was faintly painful. I took the test of the pregnancy stick. The proper two -way bar, and the small fish believed that she was really pregnant.

Pregnant mother Mu Mu:

Mu Mu was lying in the delivery room of the hospital and saw that the baby who was just born was lying beside herself quietly, Mu Mu was relieved.She recalled her feelings of pregnancy, but she was not as sweet as Mengmeng and Xiaoyu.Mu Mu vaguely remembers that he often dreamed of wandering around his own side at night. Mu Mu was a weak girl. He often dreamed of such a dream, and it was inevitable that he was scared.But the snake seemed to be entangled with Mu Mu, and often came to report for a while.When I told the dream to my girlfriend, she said, "You shouldn’t you be pregnant." At that time, Mu Mu still felt ridiculous. How could this dream be related to pregnancy, but when the husband went home, the two went to the hospitalCheck, it really was pregnant.After that, I haven’t had such a dream much.Now Mu Mu thinks it is amazing.

Pregnant mother Linlin:

Lin Lin said that she had received her mother’s serial call before pregnancy. Mom always said similar scenes. She said that she dreamed of a big water in her dream, the house in her house collapsed, and she rescued a baby in the water.EssenceMom said that this is auspicious, mostly related to the baby, and quickly ask me if I have any movement.Lin Lin said that she also laughed at her mother feudal, but she had a pregnancy reaction a few days after a few days.Then I believe that I am really pregnant.

Pregnancy is an important moment in a woman’s life. The mother’s brain nerves will be tight and often have various strange dreams, but in many cases, mothers feel "too accurate."Perhaps it is really the baby and mother’s heart, so hurry up to report to the mother in advance.I don’t know if you have a similar experience, you may wish to leave a message in the comment area and share it with everyone.

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