How does menstrual period and delay in menstruation affect pregnancy?Is the reason for the same reason?

The rule of menstruation is a manifestation of women’s health. In life, women occasionally encounter the phenomenon of advanced or delayed menstruation. Most female friends are generally about 28 days, and they are normal to fluctuate within 7 days in advance or delay.

Which one is more serious in advance and delay?

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for delaying menstruation.It is not serious for 3 to 7 days to be advanced or delayed in advance, but it also shows that various symptoms may occur in women’s bodies.Menstruation is advanced or delayed, first look at age!

Women under 35 years old

Factors such as changes in environmental changes, pregnancy, fertility, etc. will affect young women’s menstruation advance or pushing back in advance.

Women over 35 years old

The influence of psychological stress will delay menstruation.If each month is advanced and forms new rules, for example: the previous 30 days/time, it is often 24 days/time, which may be the initial performance of menopause.

Summary: advanced or delayed menstruation may occur, which may occur, affecting physical health.There are no importance.

Reasons for advancement of menstruation

1. Emotional fluctuations

Life and work pressure, emotional ups and downs, will affect women’s endocrine imbalances, leading to advanced menstruation.

2. The living environment has changed

The living environment, work changes and other external environment changes have broken the menstrual balance.

3. Change of body organs

Gynecological inflammation (such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis), thyroid disease, and brain tumor diseases can cause female menstrual cycle disorders.

4. Qi deficiency, blood fever

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that those with qi deficiency are weak and bloody people flow too fast, which will cause menstruation to advance in advance.

5. Drug impact

Take some contraceptives, chemotherapy drugs, psychiatric diseases, etc., which will be female endocrine disorders.After stopping, menstruation generally returns to normal.

6. African influence

Some women may cause menstrual early after wearing a rings.

Reasons for menstruation delay

There are many reasons for delayed menstruation, and the most common are too mental stress and pregnancy. The main reasons are the following points.

1. mental factors

Liando such as excessive stress, sadness, anger and other negative emotions can cause delay during menstruation.At the same time, it will be accompanied by chest pain, upset and depression.

2. Pregnancy

Generally, no contraception is taken during the same room, and it has not been postponed for more than 7 days. Consider whether to get pregnant first, you can go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination in time.

3. Effect

Menstruation is closely related to women’s health.Chronic diseases such as cervical adhesion, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, and thyroid dysfunction may cause delay of menstruation.

4. Changes in living habits

Like to stay up late, over -dieting, habitual habit of tobacco, alcohol, greedy and cold, and other poor living habits will greatly affect women’s menstruation and ovarian health. It is recommended to develop good living habits as much as possible.

5. Drug impact

Long -term use of contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, gastric dynamic drugs, etc. can cause the appearance of menstrual delay.

6. Excessive weight loss

In order to control the weight, some female friends are overdue or served weight loss products, causing menstruation to delay.If you delay a short period of time, you can naturally restore the normal menstrual cycle.However, if the phenomenon of long -term delay, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and use medication for conditioning.

Compared with the reasons for advanced and postponing the above menstruation, many influencing factors are almost similar.The severity of the two is actually not different, and both belong to irregular menstruation.

Including lifestyle, mentality adjustment, and various factors of diet. Female friends must pay attention to it, and they need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner to return menstruation to a healthy state.

Reminder: The above content only provides related health information. It cannot replace any individual’s medical diagnosis and treatment. For more knowledge, please pay attention to the public account: Philharmonic pregnancy aid.

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