How far is osteoporosis from you?Doctors share the "one -minute test method"

September is the "National Healthy Life Month of the People". For many office workers, it often does not feel osteoporosis in the early days. It only shows a series of symptoms such as back pain, fatigue, and shortened height.It may have a serious impact on life and health.In this issue of "1 minute Health Class", Li Yan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, shared the "One -minute Test Method" to teach everyone to easily distinguish whether they are prone to osteoporosis.

1. Whether you have hurt your bones because of a slight collision or falling;

2. Whether the parents have a slight collision or fall if they have a slight collision or fall;

Third, do you often take hormone drugs such as "cocoa" and "strong pine" for more than 3 consecutive months;

Fourth, whether height is reduced by more than 3 cm when young;

5. Do you often drink a lot of alcohol;

6. Whether to smoke more than 20 every day;

7. Whether to suffer from diarrhea (caused by digestive tract disease or enteritis);

8. Ms. Answer: Whether she has menopause before the age of 45;

Nine, women’s answer: Have you had no menstruation for more than a year (except for pregnancy);

10. Men answered: Do you have symptoms such as impotence or lack of sexual desire?

Li Yan said that if the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, it indicates that there is a risk of osteoporosis and need to go to the hospital for osteoporosis.

In addition, Li Yan suggested that he should often practice healthy bone exercises, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis, delay the body degeneration, and comprehensively improve the physical fitness.

In the first quarter, "rooting and germination": ① legs together, the toes are forward, inhale, exhale, flexed both knees and squatting, the arms raised from the top of the head from the front side of the body, ② inhale, get up to restore.

In the second quarter, "cultivation of the soil": ① The left foot is stepped towards the front bow, the arms are raised flat, and the right knee can be bent to maintain a balance;The ground on both sides of the feet; ③ the upper body is positive; ④ the left foot retreat, the arm fell back.

In the third quarter, "bathing the sun": ① a big step towards the left leg, bend your knees, and your arms are raised from the sides of the body;Essence

In the fourth quarter, "grow up": ① The left leg is withdrawn backwards, and the arms are raised in front of the arms;hand.

In the fifth section, "turning the strong body": ① walking towards the left front to the front, the arms lift the front of the arms; ② the hips are not moved, the upper body and arm rotate to the left; ③ the upper body turn back;

In the sixth section, "The branches are lush and the leaves are lush": ① The left leg is withdrawn, and the arms are flattened.Lift; ③ Straighten your left leg, raise your arms from the front side of the body, and look up your chest.④ Close your legs.

Source: People’s Daily Online

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