How hard it is in October, 10 pictures take you to understand the "breeding process", life is amazing

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The birth of a baby must first go through the process of "in October". In these ten months, not only the fetus grows and develops every day, but the pregnant mother will also experience different "bitterness and music" in different gestational weeks.EssenceNext, it is very practical to learn about the process of giving birth to the birth of the fetus through 10 pictures and matters that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to each month. Pregnant mothers can collect them.

When the day of menstruation is not menstruation, and many pregnant mothers will have "similar menstruation", fear of cold, drowsiness, fatigue, breast tenderness, etc., then buy a early pregnancy test paper to test.It’s right.

Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of women’s last menstruation. After the end of the last menstruation, the couple in the same room during ovulation, sperm and eggs are combined to form fertilized eggs, rapid differentiation, and entering the uterus through the fallopian tube to bed, and then in it in the uterus.It started for ten months of growth and development.

Precautions for the first month

Protect your baby.Because the fetal fetus is not stable, pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid signs of abortion, such as avoiding strenuous exercise, avoiding the same room, and avoiding excessive fatigue.

Continue to add folic acid.Although you don’t need to replenish nutrition in the early pregnancy, folic acid should continue to be supplemented until at least three months of pregnancy.

After pregnancy, as the hormone rises rapidly, it will generally start from this gestational weekly vomiting reaction, which will make the pregnant mother feel breast tenderness and sensitive to the smell.Essence

This stage is a high -incidence stage of natural abortion and fetal stops, so pregnant mothers who are in this gestational week are always nervous, and even go to the hospital for blood to see progesterone and HCG.

At about 7 weeks of pregnancy, I will do a B -ultrasound to see if there are fetal heart buds. Seeing fetal heart buds, pregnant mothers are relieved.

Precautions for the second month

Stay away from "risk factor".This period is the stage of rapid differentiation and development of the fetus, but it is also a sensitive period of "fetal malformations". Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to fetal malformations, away from drugs, X -rays, chemicals, radiation, etc.

Relax and avoid excessive anxiety.During this period, the fetal stop and abortion were high, so most of the pregnant mothers would be particularly anxious. In the early pregnancy, it was a process of choice of "survival of the fittest". Pregnant mothers still should try to relax and face it indifferently.

When I entered the third month of pregnancy, the "small embryo" had been human -like, developed into a small fetus, facial features and limbs, and heartbeat and internal organs.

And pregnant mothers will also become "excited" because of rising hormones, nipples start to grow larger, and the areola color will deepen, which is preparing for breastfeeding in the future.

Precautions for the third month

Early pregnancy reactions are still continuing.Generally, early pregnancy response will continue until three months of pregnancy. Although the early pregnancy reaction makes the pregnant mothers uncomfortable, do not complain too much. From another perspective, you can also indirectly indicate that the fetus is developed well.

Prepare the construction and appointment for the production inspection in advance.Different areas and hospitals will have different time -setting time, so it is best to allow family members to consult in advance to build files in advance, and to build files required for files in advance; in addition, 12 -week production inspection is the first formal inspection.It is NT inspection, and you need to make an appointment to check the best check time.

Wear loose maternity costumes.At this stage, many pregnant mothers found that the clothes were a bit tight before, so they had to start preparing for pregnant women’s underwear, underwear and maternity clothes.

By four months of pregnancy, most of the early pregnancy reactions of most pregnant mothers have been hours, and the mental state has begun to become better. Due to the role of hormones and the gradual increased belly, the pregnant mother will feel stupid, and there will be some strangeness.Desire.

There is also an important point. From 16 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will gradually feel the fetal movement, which is particularly amazing!For the first time, I felt the fetal movement, and I realized the feeling of being a mother, which was very moved.

Precautions for the fourth month

Began to increase nutrition.From four months of pregnancy, that is, in the middle of pregnancy, the fetal development has increased faster, and the pregnant mother must increase nutrition accordingly, especially the intake of nutrients such as high -quality protein, calcium, iron, iodine.

Taste changes.Just like I didn’t like to eat meat much before. At this stage, the reaction of early pregnancy disappeared, and suddenly it became "meatless".

Check -out on time.There is an important checkup in 16 weeks of pregnancy -Tang’s screening. Pregnant mothers should make an appointment in advance and check on time.

By five months of pregnancy, no pregnant mothers have begun to show their arms, and their pregnancy is getting more and more.

At the same time, due to the enlarged uterus, it involves the ligament around the abdomen. When the pregnant mother is sitting, it may feel pain. This is a normal performance during pregnancy. Be careful not to keep a movement for too long.

The fetus this month has begun to develop, so the pregnant mother will start to be prenatal education for the baby.Talk to the baby every day, tell stories, humming children’s songs, walking in the park, etc., it is good.

Fifth month precautions

Avoid excessive replenishment.Although nutrition must be strengthened since the second trimester, it is also necessary to avoid excessive supplementation of nutrition, otherwise it may increase complications during pregnancy during pregnancy, which will lead to too fast weight growth, excessive fetal fetuses, etc.

Check -out on time.There is a row ultrasound examination at 20 weeks of pregnancy. It also needs to be applied for the date of delivery in advance. This is a very important checkup and must be done.

Grasp the amount of exercise and exercise strength.At this stage, the state of the pregnant mother is relatively good, there is no early pregnancy reaction, the belly is not too large, and the fetal movement can be felt. Therefore, it may be two more times when walking.The intensity should be comfortable by pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, the impact of the increase in body hormones, many pregnant mothers who have previously lost their hair do not lose their hair, and their hair becomes thick and dark, and the nails have become strong. This must be thanks to hormones.

In addition, the edema of some pregnant mothers starts to worsen and even leads to the veil tunnel syndrome, which is just right to deal with it; as the belly increases, the uterus is oppressed to the stomach, and the pregnant mother will have the manifestations of burning heart and vomiting acid.There is a saying that "this is because the fetus is long hair", but it is not.

Precautions for the sixth month

Check -out on time.There is also an important production test item in this gestational week -glucose tolerance test, which mainly measures whether the blood glucose of pregnant mothers is normal.

Prevent stretch marks.Because the larger the belly, the bigger and the faster in the later period, many pregnant mothers will have "stretch marks". Therefore, you must prevent it in advance. You can apply some olive oil every day. At the same time, you can exercise every day., Avoid the emergence of stretch marks.

In this month, the fetus is quite powerful. The pregnant mother is often painful by the baby "kicking", and sometimes even wake up by naughty babies in the middle of the night.

At this time, the pregnant mother may wish to start preparing some items and the package to be produced after the baby is born in advance. Preparation can be prepared more enough early.

Precautions for the seventh month

Persist in counting a number of fetal movements.Pregnant mothers should insist on counting fetal movements. One to increase the interaction and connection with the baby, and the other is to monitor the development of the baby in the mother’s belly. What abnormalities can be discovered early.

Increase exercise and control your diet.Although it is already a big belly, it is not convenient to move, but the daily exercise cannot be less. It is conducive to the control of weight control and the smooth delivery; avoid eating sweet and too greasy foods in diet, and avoid spicy food.

As the stomach increases, the compression of the uterus on the bladder also increases, so the frequent urination of pregnant mothers will increase. This is normal, and pregnant mothers need to worry about it.In addition, the pregnant mother may have itching due to the increase in the stomach and the excessive stretch of the skin, and it can be applied to the moisturizing lotion.

The baby’s baby this month has become a "meat with meat", which will grow and develop at a rate of 200 grams per week; and from this time, the fetal head will start to prepare for childbirth.

Precautions for the eighth month

Inspection on time, insist on counting a number of fetal movements.From this stage, the "fetal heart monitoring" project has been added during the checkup. In order to prevent premature birth and ensure the safety of the fetus, pregnant mothers should check on time, and usually count the fetal movement at home every day.

Near childbirth, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger. The small house of the uterus is also crowded for the baby. The fetal movement will be reduced compared to before;Pay attention to rest and avoid frequent inducing pseudo contractions.

Precautions for the ninth month

Know the common sense of childbirth in advance.The more pregnancy, the more severe the prenatal anxiety of the pregnant mother, worry, nervous, fear, etc., then you may wish to learn the common sense of childbirth in advance, understand the process and precautions of childbirth, learn the skills of breathing and force during childbirth.As for the bottom of my heart, it is even more nervous.

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is full, that is, the baby may start delivery at any time. Therefore, the pregnant mother must be prepared. It is best to have someone around them.Born.

Precautions for the tenth month

Starting from the 37th weeks of pregnancy, the checkup has become once a week. Pregnant mothers should do each birth check on time, and usually monitor fetal heart and fetal movement to avoid the occurrence of fetal hypoxia.

If there is a manifestation of redness, water breaking, and pain, this is the fetal launch, and you have to take the baby to go to the hospital for a baby.

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