How long can I have a room after abortion, what is the harm of the same room prematurely?Can not be ignored

Pregnancy and having children, this is something that every family is particularly expected, but many women have not been able to continue pregnancy because of some factors, so they have to have a miscarriage.There are many small details after abortion that you need to pay attention. If you do not pay attention to your cultivation, your health will be harmed.The most important point is that a period of time after abortion cannot be sexual life.So how long can I have room after abortion?

How long does it take after miscarriage

1. When can the same room after abortion

Now women’s most commonly used abortion methods are artificial abortion. It can remove embryo tissue at one time, and it is safe and fast. It is the preferred method of abortion.Abortion needs to open the cervix and then scrape the palace, which will harm a certain harm to the uterus.If you want to do the same room, you have to wait until the uterus trauma is fully recovered, and it takes at least one month, so it takes a month after abortion to the same room.

2. When can the medicine be in the same room after the drug abortion

Some women have found that they are pregnant earlier. For this reason, there are fewer pregnancy days, and drug abortion can be used.Divine abortion is less harmful to the uterus, but there are also disadvantages, which may lead to poor abortion.Therefore, after half a month of abortion, the B -ultrasound review is required to confirm the success of the abortion, and then the normal menstrual cycle can only be used in the same room.

3. The harm of the same room in advance

When some women are aborted, they start to divide the room as long as they stop bleeding, so the damage to women is very great.Due to abortion, uterine trauma has not completely healed, and it is easy to cause intrauterine infection.After the infection, there may be no bleeding, but symptoms such as abdominal pain and leucorrhea may occur.Be sure to go to the hospital for anti -inflammatory treatment, otherwise it will cause serious gynecological diseases and even infertility.

If it is an artificial abortion, how to restore the body after surgery?

1. Strengthen nutrition

After abortion, women are weak.At this time, you should pay attention to nutritional supplements.To be lighter, don’t be too irritating, supplement more foods with rich vitamins and protein, so as to enhance your physical strength and better recover your body.Do not eat too cold food during this time, don’t let yourself be cold.

2. Take more rest

Although artificial abortion is a small operation, it can work normally after abortion, but if there is conditions, you still need to rest.After surgery, you have to bed at least three days.Even if you want to work, do some relaxed jobs, don’t be too heavy.

3. Go to the hospital for review

One month after abortion surgery, go to the hospital for review, do B -ultrasound and other examination items, and check the physical recovery.If the test results show that the body is well recovered, it is time to meet the conditions of "love".

After abortion, women need to rest for at least one month to recover.If the husband and wife immediately have the same room after surgery, it will bring a lot of health problems to women.I hope that all women can be responsible for their own health and have their own views in this regard, and think about themselves.

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