How long can I test the pregnancy test paper and the truth that can be measured and deeper

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When testing whether they are pregnant, many women use the method of pregnancy test sticks. This method is simple and convenient. The pregnancy test paper is a tool for testing whether women are pregnant.It is generally recommended to use the first urine test to test the results of pregnancy more accurate.But some women find that the pregnancy test paper is shown in a deeper and shallow. I don’t know why?How long can the pregnancy test strip be measured and the deeper truth.

The pregnancy test paper is a relatively effective method to help clinically determine pregnancy. The detection principle is to diagnose whether women are pregnant by detecting the concentration of HCG in urine.

Judgment of the results of pregnancy test strip

1. negative: Only the control line appears, indicating that there is no pregnancy;

2. Weak positive: The control line and the detection line are all color, but the detection line is weaker than the control line, indicating that it may be pregnant. Please use morning urine to measure the next day;

3. Positive: The control line and the detection line are all color, and the detection line is obviously clear, indicating that it is pregnant;

4. Strong positive: The control line and the detection line are all showing color, but the detection line is stronger than the control line, indicating that it is pregnant for a while;

5. Invalid: No color line appears, indicating that the test fails or fails.

How long will the pregnancy test be measured?

1. The working principle of using the self -test of pregnancy test paper is to detect the HCG value, that is, the value of the human chorionic gonad hormone.This hormone is made by the placenta. Generally, it will appear in urine after a few days of pregnancy, but because the amount is small, it is not easy to test it. It is not obvious until 10 days to 14 days.(The HCG value can also be measured by blood testing, and it should be much more accurate).Time is too early and too late.

2. It is generally recommended to use the first morning urine test for women who are just pregnant, and the results are more accurate.But for women who have been pregnant for a while, urine can be used at any time of the day.

3. It usually takes about 7 days from the same room to pregnancy. That is to say, on the day of pregnancy (equivalent to 7 days after the same room), you can detect whether you are pregnant.

What is the reason why the pregnancy test strip is deeper and one shallow?

The quality of test strips is abnormal: If the quality of the test strip selected by the patient is relatively poor, at this time, the sensitivity of pregnancy test will be reduced. In addition, if your own way of use is incorrectThe symptoms of pregnancy need to be checked in time.

Premature pregnancy test strip leads to weak positive reactions: If women have a short pregnancy time, the HCG value at this time is relatively low, and there may be a shallow weak positive reaction. In additionUrine test.

Anomalular pregnancy may also have a weak positive reaction: normal pregnancy is pregnant in the uterine cavity, and ectopic pregnancy is in external pregnancy. At this timeLive in life.

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