How long can the new crown be used to prepare for the new crown infection?

Fully let go to make too many people become Yang people, and directly disrupt their work and life plans. In fact, the new crown virus also delayed many newlywed couples for children. Many newlywed couples thought aboutTake advantage of your health and ask for children, but there are many news on the Internet saying: As long as you are infected for a year, you ca n’t ask for children. This makes them panic. Is this really true?

Zhang Hanwang, an authoritative expert at Wuhan Tongji Hospital Reproductive Medicine Center, clearly stated that after infection with the new crown virus, the life of husband and wife should be avoided, and the positive transition to negative will try not to do the same room in the short term. He explained that the best survival temperature of the sperm is 35 degrees.The rising speed is fast. More than 38.5 degrees is a common phenomenon. Some male friends have burned 40 degrees. It can be seen that sperm is not easy to survive at this temperature, and it takes a long time for sperm regeneration to recover.For 3 to 6 months.

In addition, don’t care about even after recovery, because the formation of antibodies takes a period of time. According to the current situation, even if there is antibodies, it will inevitably be infected twice or multiple times.The virus is brought to the other party, and the sperm has no vitality, and it is not the best time to prepare for pregnancy.

Academician Qiao Jie, Dean of the Third Hospital of Peking University, interpreted the group of maternal women. He said that once women are pregnant, they will generally not bring the virus to the fetus even if they are infected.It is the best isolation barrier set in the body. This situation refers to the good state of the pregnant mother’s body. If the pregnant woman has poor resistance and weak body, the symptoms of unwelling are more obvious after the sun.Adverse symptoms will affect the normal development of the fetus.If pregnant women are severely ill patients, they must take medicine. Improper medication will cause fetal malformation and miscarriage.

Many experts on the Internet now have stated that Omikhon will have an obstacle to the reproductive function of both men and women. Do not because you want your child to be eager to achieve success. After all, the health of the fetus is related to the lifelong happiness index of a family.

Maybe someone asked, how long can Yang Kang prepare for pregnancy after?The conclusion under this issue is too early, and no experts can give accurate and authoritative claims. If the damage and impact of the new crown on the human body can last for 1 to 2 months, we will use the formation cycle of sperm and eggs as the basis for judgment basis.The sperm takes about 80 days, and the eggs are expelled for about 100 days.

It is not difficult to see that after Yang Kang, at least you want children within three months. The rumors that are best not to prepare for pregnancy in one year after the new champion of infection on the Internet have no scientific basis, but it does not mean that they are really said to them. After all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all,The longer the recovery cycle, the more beneficial to prepare pregnancy. Theoretically rumors are right.

Moreover, the first wave of peaks have not passed yet. No one knows if there will be other peak infection. It can be clear that many people have been infected twice now, and a few people have been in the sun. IfThe infection is too frequent, and you must not prepare for a short -term pregnancy after recovery. After all, the risk of the fetus is too great.

Therefore, if you are preparing for pregnancy in the near future, it is best to put this idea first, at least after the buffer period is coming, you can make a decision. If the two parties are too anxious to ask for the child, you can be before pregnancy.Go to the hospital to check the health of both parties and prepare for pregnancy on the premise of ensuring that the data is fine.

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