How long does the baby start to start heartbeat after pregnancy?Scientist: 16th day

The development of babies in the pregnant belly is quite incredible, and there are still many mysteries that have not been solved so far; scientists are not sure whether the baby will start to have a heartbeat?The answer to this incident was speculated that it was 21 days, but the recent research refreshed this record, thinking that the baby had a heartbeat on the 16th day!

▼ In the past, the heartbeat test of human babies was observed by mice embryo. Through adding fluorescent marks to calcium molecules, scientists can observe the moment when myocardial cells are touched, or they can record the first formed heartbeat for the first time.EssenceIn the past, the heartbeat of mouse embryo was on the 8th day, and the conversion was the 21st day of human embryo.

▼ However, the Recent British Heart Foundation research plan, which is funded by the British Heart Foundation, broke this record. They observed that the mouse embryo will appear in the first 7.5 days, which means that human embryo may be 16 days in 16 days.There is already a heartbeat!

According to the discussion of the researchers in the scientific magazine "ELIFE", they pointed out that the heartbeat did not begin at the later period. When the heart developed to the early crescent -type stage, the heartbeat had already happened!Although the heartbeat sounds from the 16th day of the 16th day, the heartbeat sounds not much, but this is a very important discovery!

▼ In fact, scientists hope to prevent congenital heart disease by understanding the fetal heart development in the uterus.At present, one of the 180 newborns in the UK will suffer from congenital heart disease, which also means that 4,000 congenital heart disease children are born each year.In the United States with a larger population base, 40,000 heart disease children are even produced each year.

Paul Riley, a professor of congenital heart disease research, pointed out: "We are trying to understand the development of the heart and find out the real cause of heart defects in the uterus, and then solve the problem of adult heart disease."

Lelly said that through the various data that started to fight and develop through the collection of heart, they can prevent the occurrence of heart disease during pregnancy; and these information may also allow "heart -changing surgery" to further develop.Organization may solve problems such as adult heart failure.

▼ The heart is actually the first organs in the pregnancy stage, because it plays an important role in transporting oxygen and nutrients for embryos; however, it is difficult to observe in the heart development of breastfeeding, which also means why this researchAs a result, human beings will be so tight.

The baby in the mother’s belly is like a mystery, and there are many mysterious veils waiting for us to be revealed. When these reals gradually appear, there may be more and more congenital diseases.What about it!The leap forward of this research results is really moving. Don’t forget to let the relatives and friends around you know this information!

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