How many examinations do you have to do in the early pregnancy?Pregnant mothers must know how to do it, and go through early pregnancy

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The first formal inspection of the hospital was done in 12 weeks of pregnancy, that is, the last week of the early pregnancy. Did you do a check and do it?It is necessary to understand that "early pregnancy checking strategies" must understand women and prospective parents who are new to pregnancy.

▶ The first examination in the early pregnancy

At the beginning, most women determined that they were pregnant through the "positive" of pregnancy test strips. The test strip test was positive, indicating that it was pregnancy. At this time, it was best to go to the hospitalCheck it.

The inspection items are: blood and B -ultrasound (Yin Chao).

Blood drawing is to check the level of progesterone and blood HCG to confirm the pregnancy; the first B -ultrasound examination is to determine the situation of pregnancy and whether the fetus is in the palace in the palace, but the embryo is still small at this stage. Generally, doctors will recommend checking to checkYin Chao, you will see more accurately.

After the first examination, pregnant mothers may encounter some problems: some pregnant mothers have low blood tests and find that progesterone is low. Doctors will recommend reviewing blood in a few days.Some are not very good, doctors may ask for a review after a few days; but generally as long as HCG doubles, pregnant women do not have severe abdominal pain and bleeding, which is normal.Abdominal pain is "severe abdominal pain". If the pregnant mother feels slightly abdominal distension and abdominal pain, similar to the feeling of "menstrual menstruation", the kind of normal early pregnancy manifestation; just as a reference, after all, there are individual differences. After all, there are individual differences.The basic progesterone level of each woman is different; if it is low, the doctor requires the pregnant mother to nourish the fetal ketone, then listen to the doctor’s advice.

▶ The second examination in the early pregnancy

With the development of the fetus, it is generally 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers will do B-ultrasound. These B-ultrasound examinations are important to see the fetal heart buds of the fetus.

If it is a woman with a regular menstrual rule, you can see the fetal heart at the earliest more than 6 weeks of pregnancy (the B -ultrasound display "the original heart tube beating"). A few days ago, I accompanied a friend who was just pregnant to go to the hospital for examination.The yin super, as a result, the fetal heart buds were seen, and the gestational week was 6 weeks of pregnancy +0.

Of course, some women usually have irregular menstruation, which will affect the bed time, and the time of seeing the fetal heart may be delayed. Generally, at the latest at the latest in pregnancy, you can see the fetal heart buds of the fetus through the B -ultrasound. Therefore, the fetusIf the pregnant mother does not see the fetal heart bud at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, don’t be too anxious, you can wait patiently, and maybe he will see it in a week.

▶ The third examination in the early pregnancy

That is, 12 weeks of pregnancy, this is the last and most important examination in the early pregnancy, and it is also an important examination for the entire pregnancy.

Construction files: Hospitals in many places are built at the 12 -week delivery test, but some hospitals will pre -built files before 12 weeks of pregnancy because of the tight bed, which is equivalent to "occupying pit".

A few days ago, the hospital with friends who checked with friends need to be pre -built in advance to submit some documents and certificates required to the hospital first. By 12 weeks of pregnancy, if the fetus develops well, the file is officially established.In Beijing, most hospitals need to build files before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Basic examination: Including the situation of the doctor inquiring about pregnant women (such as the last menstrual period, the number of pregnancy weeks, age, physical condition, etc.), you will also do some basic examinations (such as measuring height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.).Basic examinations such as conventional, liver and kidney function to understand the physical condition of pregnant mothers.

These will be filled in the medical record file as a document for the files. After that, the results of each examination will be recorded in the medical records. As a dynamic monitoring record of the physical condition and fetal development of pregnant women during pregnancy.

NT examination: This examination is to check the "thickness of the neck transparent membrane" of the fetus, because the best examination time is 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, and it will not be clear after 14 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, in order to reduce the number of pregnant mothers, the hospitalIt is recommended to do it with the 12 -week pregnancy check, but this inspection needs to be approved in advance.

Survey studies have shown that the thickness of the transparent membrane of the fetal neck has a lot to do with the development of the baby’s early nervous system. To a certain extent, the more transparent neck and thicker thickness, and the greater the possibility of a baby’s slowdown in intellectual development.

This is also the first time for the fetus to screen, so pregnant mothers need to pay attention to it.

The early pregnancy test mentioned earlier has been divided into three times, and some pregnant mothers even more than 3 times. In these examinations, some of the need for precautions requires pregnant mothers to understand, which will help the pregnant mothers’ early examinations to clearly clear the customs.

① After you found that you are pregnant after your pregnancy test, it is best to go to the hospital for confirmation and check. You need to do B -ultrasound to confirm whether it is inside or outside the palace. Because the embryo is too small, most doctors will recommend a yin super examination. This examination is notThe situation of "harm to the fetus" that the pregnant mothers think can be done with confidence.

Yin Chao’s examination does not need to urinate and normally check; and B -ultrasound requires urination. This distinction between pregnant mothers must also understand in advance and prepare before the inspection.

② Regarding the establishment of files, different hospitals have different time. After the pregnant mother determines the hospital, it is best to consult the relevant personnel in advance "the information required for the archives and the process of building the file" and prepare as soon as possible.

③ The physical condition of the pregnant mother in the early pregnancy may not be good. It is best to be accompanied by someone during the examination. Some family members can reduce the activities of pregnant women, can consult more clearly, and better ensure the safety of the fetus and pregnant women.

④ NT examination needs to make an appointment in advance. Pregnant mothers or family members should consult in advance before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The above is the number of examinations in the early pregnancy, the possible situation, and the aspects that need to be paid attention to. Pregnant mothers should understand early after pregnancy, so that they can do it in their hearts and go through early pregnancy.You have done several inspections in the early pregnancy and what examination experiences to share your experience.

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