How many months can I build a file?What are the requirements for pregnant women in Peking University International Hospital?

How many months can I build a file?What are the requirements for pregnant women in Peking University International Hospital?Many mothers who have given birth to children know that during pregnancy, they have to go to the hospital to build a card.But for novice mothers, this is more unfamiliar. I don’t know how to do it or what I want to prepare.Today, the pulse baby is here to talk about the things of pregnancy.If you are a novice mother, you have to take notes!

What is pregnancy?

The so -called pregnancy -based file is to establish a file in the hospital after pregnancy, which is commonly known as a pregnancy file.This file will record the personal information of pregnant mothers and various information during pregnancy.There will also be information such as pregnancy and time for pregnant mothers.In addition, the case is very intimate, listing some precautions during pregnancy and some common sense.

What is the significance of pregnancy?

Many people think that the significance of building cards is for some pregnancy tests and information data during pregnancy.In fact, the most important significance of the pregnancy of pregnancy is that with this file, not only can you go to the hospital for a check -up regularly, but also ensure that the hospital can receive the mother during delivery.

Can pregnant mothers not build files?

First of all, the establishment of the files of pregnant mothers follow the principle of voluntary, and the hospital will not force the pregnant mother to build files.However, if the files are not built in the hospital, some data information of pregnant mothers and fetuses will not be perfect.If there is an accident, the hospital cannot make a data reference, and the most appropriate treatment may not be made in time, so as to avoid some dangerous situations.

When is the best time for pregnant mothers to build files?

Under normal circumstances, in the 12 weeks of pregnancy in the pregnant mother (the sealing cycle of each hospital is different), you can go to the first hospital to build the file.After the file was built, the file was kept back to the hospital.When the file is built, the pregnant mother can make an appointment for four -dimensional.After each post -maternity check, pregnant mothers only need to hold their own medical records and give them to the responsible persons. The medical records and files of the pregnant mother will automatically exist together.

What materials do pregnant mothers need to prepare when they are under construction?

Although different regions and different hospitals may have different requirements, in general, prepare the following things:

1. The original and photocopy of the permit permit;

2. The original and photocopy of maternity insurance permits;

3. Pregnant mother’s household registration book, ID card;

4. Some test sheets, B -ultrasounds, etc. of the pregnant mothers have done.

If the hospital requires, pregnant mothers need to prepare individual materials according to the requirements of the hospital.

Let’s take the pregnancy of Peking University International Hospital to build a file as an example

What should I choose to choose a hospital for pregnant mothers?

In fact, these do not have a hard requirement. Pregnant mothers can choose a regular and reliable hospital to build files according to their personal conditions.It should be noted that after the stalls are under construction, the examination of pregnancy needs to be carried out in this hospital.If you want to change the designated hospital, it is not impossible, but the procedures are more troublesome.And when replacing, it is easy to lose data.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose the hospital carefully, and then choose the entire pregnancy in the selected hospital.

The above is the importance of the pregnancy and archives introduced by the novice mothers, as well as the summary of the conditions, processes and some problems often encountered during the process of pregnant women in Peking University International Hospital.Help Bao mothers to build files smoothly, I wish the Baoma pregnant.

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