How many pounds do you get fat after giving birth?How much do you know about weight after pregnancy?

Before I gave birth to a child, I weighed 102 pounds before I had a child. When I was about to give birth, it was 118 pounds, and I only rose 16 pounds throughout my pregnancy.The child gave birth to only five pounds in full moon, and I caught a cold in the confinement.I want to say that the body should be supplemented during pregnancy, and do not deliberately reduce the amount of food because of fear of fat.Whether it is a child or an adult, a good constitution is really important!

I still did not have the intention to control my diet during pregnancy. Because my appetite was not good during pregnancy, I had no job after I was pregnant.I try to eat at other times, so there is no nutrition.Coupled with the first half of the first half of the pre -delivery, I do n’t know what sudden gastroenteritis, and I ca n’t eat anything. During that time, I lost four or five pounds, so the child was particularly small when he was born.

The fetus grows rapidly every day in the mother’s belly. The development requires sufficient nutritional support in order to develop better and healthier.bad.Secondly, forced the nutrition of the mother.No matter which one is, the results are not good.

The more typical is that there are some reasons such as leg cramps and teeth loose during pregnancy, which is because of calcium deficiency.The fetal development requires sufficient amount of calcium. If there is no additional supplement, the fetus forcibly absorb the calcium of the mother’s body, which will cause the pregnant mother to have the above symptoms.

It ’s the child. My baby’ s eczema was particularly serious when I was two months old. Once my mother -in -law had a good time because of this eczema and strangering that I was not good at pregnancy, so it was difficult to bring it after birth.Although there is no scientific basis, in the eyes of the older generation, they identified this reason.

Because of my bad constitution, I caught a cold in the confinement and had been sweating.Normal sweat will gradually decrease in about half a month, and I flow for a month, which is the kind of sleeping until the middle of the night. Chinese medicine is called physical weaknesses.Then there is breast milk. Breast milk is turned into qi and blood, and mothers with virtual body will have less breast milk.

In short, it is not recommended to lose weight because of fear of fat during pregnancy. I think the health of my body and baby is more important.As for the postpartum body, it is definitely a bit full, but you don’t have to worry too much. It is very hard to add breast milk and bring baby, and it will naturally be thin at that time.It really doesn’t work. After giving birth, you can exercise slowly.

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