How many times do you do at most?I have already given birth to the section twice, can I still have a child?the answer is

Introduction: Xiaomi is now the mother of two children. She has two daughters. Although they also love their daughters, they have no boy and always feel a bit regrettable.The family’s economic conditions are also allowed, so they also have to have three babies, but because Xiaomi’s first two babies are produced by caesarean section, Xiaomi is also worried that it will be dangerous. Can the mother who has a cesarean section of the first two babies still want children?

With the release of fertility policies, some people are also preparing or already.One of my girlfriends, a few days ago, she had three babies, and her three children were also produced by caesarean section.In fact, women can have children a few times in caesarean section. Doctors have not given accurate numbers, but the more frequent caesarean section, the greater the damage to the mother.The risk of surrounding organs is endless!

Caesarean section surgery is a traumatic operation. For example, the second surgery in the same part will be difficult to perform than the first time, because it will form an inter -organs.Instrument.For the first cesarean section, the level of the dissection is very clear, and most of them can be successfully completed step by step.However, in the second cesarean section, the previous surgery may form adhesion. For example, the bladder and the front wall of the uterus can be adhesive. During the separation and continuous process, the bladder may be damaged or caused too much bleeding.The more number of cesarean sections, the thinner the uterine wall

In principle, women should not exceed three cesarean section, and the more cut, the greater the risk.The first two babies are cesarean section, and can it be a third child? It depends on the recovery of your uterine scar and the bed position of the embryo. If there are no special cases, most mothers can have a third child, but they must be done wellTime interval, it is best to get pregnant after two years, which is too dense. It is not conducive to uterine recovery.

The wife of a male star in Hong Kong has three children in four years, so that many people call his wife as a machine as a child, and it also reports that a maternal abroad has performed 7 cesarean section surgery and wants to regenerate the child.However, the cesarean section should not exceed 3 times, mainly because of the consideration of the safety of the mother.Generally, after the second or third cesarean section, maternal sterilization is recommended.Because the cesarean section of more than 3 or more times, the uterine wall is getting thinner, and the scars on the uterus may occur spontaneously in the late pregnancy.And luck!

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After a caesarean section surgery, the third expectant mother must be checked in time, pay attention to the thickness of the uterus scar at any time, and understand and prevent risks.

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