How much is progesterone and HCG after pregnancy to reach normal? Is the progesterone value be kept in a lower fetus?

Many pregnant mothers know that they have to go to the hospital for blood test after pregnancy. The data will have the value of HCG and progesterone, but what exactly is the two, some pregnant mothers do not know.

If the progesterone is low, and the doctor’s scary, the pregnant mother is at a loss at this time, fearing.

Zhao Zhao has been married to her husband for three years, and has been preparing for two years of pregnancy. The end of time and time, letting Zhao Zhao’s heart go like a roller coaster.

After many failures, not long ago, Zhao Zhao tested that he was pregnant.The whole family was very happy, and finally dreaming came true.

In order to make more accurate judgments, Zhao Zhao and her husband went to the hospital for blood test.After the results came out, the doctor told Zhao Zhao’s progesterone value.

At this time, Zhao Zhao was scared to the six gods, as if he couldn’t hear anything.After seeing my husband, he cried, "The doctor said that the progesterone was low, and the child couldn’t keep it."

Her husband looked at Zhao Zhao with a fog, and just went in and fiercely, how could he cry out.My husband Zhao Zhao felt that he should ask the doctor himself, so he took the report to the clinic.

The doctor said: "The situation of your wife is not so serious. Although the progesterone value is low, the pregnancy week is still small, and go home to rest more. After a week, come to review to see if the progesterone value can rise."

After returning home, Zhao Zhao called both mother -in -law and mother and told them that.The whole family began to panic, took turns to take care of Zhao Zhao until the later inspection was qualified.

Many people do not understand progesterone and HCG. Goghone is a kind of progesterone. After women are pregnant, the value will be improved.

HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin and a protein hormone secreted by the placenta.E progesterone and HCG can be used to determine whether pregnancy and pregnancy cycle.

Normal progesterone value:

There are usually two metering units: ng/ml and nmol/L, ng/ml × 3.12 = nmol/L.Therefore, when looking at the results report, be sure to see the unit of progesterone clearly.

Three results of progesterone value display:

① progesterone <5ng/ml, indicating that pregnancy results are not good.

② 5ng/ml <25ng/ml, indicating that the pregnancy results are unclear and need to be further checked and determined.

③ progesterone> 25ng/ml, indicating that pregnancy results are good.

Normal HCG value:

On the sixth day after fertilization, HCG began to secrete HCG in the body of the pregnant mother.

On seventh to eight days, HCG can be detected by blood. As the gestational week increases, the concentration of HCG will double.

It takes 1.7 to 2 days to increase by 1 times. At the 8th to 10th weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value reaches the peak. After 1-2 weeks, the value decreases, and it finally drops to 10%of the peak.

For the HCG situation of each pregnancy week, you can refer to the numerical table.

Some pregnant mothers were detected that the progesterone was low, and instantly became the six gods. The first thing that thought of was to protect the fetus.

In fact, the progesterone value during pregnancy is constantly changing, and the progesterone value is low.The level of progesterone levels in early pregnancy fluctuates, and the time is high and low.

In the 6th-10th weeks of pregnancy, based on a platform period, in the 7-9 week, there will be a process of physiological decline and rebound.The progesterone value is not directly inevitable with the development of the baby.

Some pregnant mothers have low progesterone values, so it is not recommended to use progesterone values to judge the baby’s development.

When progesterone is low, you need to observe the value of HCG. As long as HCG doubles, you don’t need to worry too much, indicating that the baby is developing well.

The double situation of HCG represents the development of the baby.When HCG doubles well, it means that the baby is developing well.

On the contrary, it means that the baby is not developing well.Replenish these daily supplements to help HCG double.HCG and progesterone are coordinated relationships, and they are essential during pregnancy.

1) Folic acid replenishment

Folic acid is an indispensable nutrients for babies to develop. From the time of planning, it is necessary to start eating folic acid.Folic acid can not only effectively prevent baby deformity, but also improve and prevent pregnant mothers anemia.

Many foods in life contain folic acid, such as spinach, beet, animal liver, citrus, kiwi, etc.Folic acid content is relatively high, such as horseshoe leaves, gemma buds, wild asparagus, etc.

It is very important for placenta and babies to add enough folic acid.It is recommended to add 0.4mg-0.8mg daily during pregnancy.

2) Nutritional supplement

Balanced nutrition during pregnancy will help the baby’s growth and development, and also help the increase in HCG and progesterone.

for example:

① Eat more fresh seasonal fruits during pregnancy, such as strawberries, grapefruit, etc.

It helps to supplement the vitamin C and vitamin E during pregnancy, helping the level of progesterone to recover and improve.

② Eat more soy products during pregnancy. Soy products contain nutrients that promote luteum secretion. Estrogen can promote luteal ketone synthesis, which is conducive to elevated progesterone value.

③ Eat more foods rich in soybean -rich flavonoids and natural vitamin E during pregnancy, which can help progesterone secretion.

As the saying goes, "You can’t just look at the surface". When progesterone is low, don’t worry too much.

Looking at the changes in numerical values at all times, there may be reversal and surprise.Even if the ending is unsatisfactory, it is necessary to let it go, and it is a good thing to win the fittest.

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