How much is the breasts of feeding mother?The postpartum back pain is not all because the confinement is not done well

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Is it excited to see this title?I feel that I can finally return to those old people who say "back pain and back pain" and say that I have disobedient old people in the confinement?

Many Baoma says that pregnancy will develop twice, because under the action of hormones, the chest will become larger. For those women with small breasts before, they may usher in a temporary satisfaction, but for women with big breasts.Let’s not mention how painful it is.

Because of the excessive "development", the stretch marks that began to appear on the side of the chest and below, and the nipples are dark, not beautiful at all.

This is also the sacrifice made by a woman for family and children …

However, for the second development, those women who have little breasts, even women who want to become larger when pregnant, do not have too much hope, and don’t be swollen during breastfeeding.Confusion, because these are just temporary.

First, the breasts of the chest began to develop during pregnancy because of the role of estrogen hormone

During pregnancy, it has begun to change in figure. In order to protect the fetus, hormones will also make expectant mothers blessed, and their breasts will become increasing. At the same time, they are preparing for breastfeeding after birth.wait

Second, after giving birth, you need to breastfeed your baby, so you will store milk

In order to prepare sufficient milk for the baby, the mother needs to store enough milk, so the chest will look very large.

However, once these, once the baby is breaking, after the breastfeeding period, normally, the chest will return to the original size, and some will even be too large because of the previous period.Essence

Maybe someone will refute, explaining that they are getting bigger. To be honest, most of them are fat …

After all, eating "too well" during breastfeeding is a common problem in domestic mothers, and most of Room R is fat.

So, your chest becomes bigger just temporarily. After the body recovers, the chest will recover.

In addition, Baoma will also have back pain due to swollen chests.

Maybe women really don’t know their chests.

Normal R rooms are usually B-C cups, and the weight on one side is about 150-200 grams, which is equivalent to an apple.

However, breastfeeding mother feeds the mother, and the R rooms generally rose to the E-F cup, which weighed about 500 grams on one side, which is equivalent to a cantaloupe.

Think about it, two cantaloupe falls on your chest, what do you feel?Daily changes to the baby with diapers, and the baby is inseparable from you like a purse karma. Can your back, your back is comfortable?

This is not a word of mouth.

At the International Spinal Week Conference in 2016, there was a very interesting study.

This study is: study of correlation between the size of the cup and back pain.

The researchers collected 1650 questionnaire surveys. After the failure of the recycling of the questionnaire and incomplete samples of the data collection, there were 1,145 statistical research.

In the end, it is concluded that the larger the female breasts may be suffering from back pain.

Among them, women with 5 cups are likely to be troubled by back pain, namely: 42E, 40F, 38G, 36H, 34L.

The breastfeeding mothers are generally in the E-F cups, and those Baoma who are originally big in the chest will become larger and heavier during breastfeeding.

Therefore, the back pain of the Baomao is not all because the confinement is not resting, and it may not be noticed, it may be because the chest is too large …

You can observe the big girls around you, you will find that there are many humpbacks of them.

On the one hand, because the breasts with too large adolescence make them inferior, they dare not straighten their waist, and have long -term chests. On the other hand, because it is too heavy, it affects the normal spine physiological curvature and stress point.Essence

Over time, back pain appears, and changes in the spine involve bones, joints, muscles, nerves, tendon, ligaments, etc., and then radiate pain in the hips and limbs.So this is the back pain.

The lactating mothers are because the R room is too heavy, which affects the spine, and it will aggravate back pain.

However, there are a lot of Bao mom who thinks that the baby eats so frequently. Every time you have to open one more, it is not convenient to wear the bras to feed, so I just do n’t wear it.To share the downward gravity, it will only increase the burden on your spine.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers should wear appropriate breastfeeding bra.

How to choose?

Remember a few principles:

The fabric should be pure cotton skin;

The shoulder strap should be wide enough, otherwise the indentation on your shoulder will be heavier;

The back must be wide enough, not too narrow, and if it is too narrow, there is no way to share the strength of the chest;

Choose according to your own cups, you must have breastfeeding bras. Don’t think about being so tight before. How can it be comfortable?

Finally, you must pay attention to the posture of sitting and standing when you hold your baby, because whether the chest is large and small, the correct posture will not affect the cervical, spine, and lumbar spine.And breastfeeding mothers should breastfeed frequently. Although they occasionally lie, they are sitting and feeding most of the time. They usually hold the baby standing in the house or walking around.

Therefore, whether it is feeding or holding the baby, the back should be straight to avoid the chest with the chest, and hold the baby with a good baby. Remember to confront your body at all times.

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