How much is the thickness of the uterine endometrium normal?

There are often patients consulting: "My endometrium is too thin and can’t be transplanted. What should I do?" Sometimes this question is really difficult to answer in a simple sentence.I will discuss this issue today.

How is the endometrium thickness calculated?

The thickness and thinness of the endometrium is periodic

When it comes to the thickness or thinness of the endometrium, it is best to say on the day of the menstrual cycle.In the starting stage of a woman’s menstrual cycle, that is, the menstrual period, the endometrium has just been extended completely, that is, when a large number of menstrual bleeding in the menstrual period is close to the end, the endometrium should be very thin, which can be described as a line -shaped shape, that is, like a piece, that is, like a pieceThe line is as thin as possible, and the doctor will record the endometrium on the medical records.

If the endometrium thickness still exceeds 7mm when the menstrual period is close, it means that the endometrium is incomplete, but it is abnormal.Under normal circumstances, it is best to be less than or equal to 5mm at the end of menstrual blood.

Then, when entering the follicle development period, the follicles in the ovaries started development. As the follicles continued to grow, the estradiol will be continuously secreted. The estradiol is mainly used in the endometrium, which continues to increase the endometrium. ThereforeThe thickening of the endometrium is accompanied by the development of follicles. Generally, if the diameter of the superior follicles reaches or exceeds 15mm, the thickness of the endometrium should be 7-8mm or more. At this time, the thickness of the endometrium at this timeIt can reach about 9mm.

Therefore, the thickness of the endometrium is closely related to the size of the follicles, and the two cannot be separated.

What is A/B/C endometrium?

The endometrium is divided into three types of A, B, and C under the B -ultrasound.

The "A/B/C" endometrium is often referred to as the different forms of the endometrium, not a level evaluation.

The "A/B/C" endometrium will not only change with the menstrual cycle, but also related to the location of the uterus. For example, the neutral uterine endometrium shape is dominated by "B" or "C".

Type A inner membrane:

That is, the three -line endometrium, the outer layer and the center are strong echo, and the outer layer and the midline of the uterine cavity are low echo or dark areas.It is common in the early stages of endometrial hyperplasia (usually 6-10 days of menstruation), at this time the thickness of the endometrium is 4-9mm.

Type B inner membrane:

For the medium intensity echo of the average one, the middle line of the uterine cavity was unclear.It is common in the late stages of endometrial hyperplasia (day 11-ovulation), and the thickness of the endometrium is about 9-12mm during ovulation.

Type C endometrium:

In order to echo for the average quality, the middle line of the uterine cavity is echoed, and the "three -line sign" disappears at this time.It is common in the luteal stage (that is, before ovulation until the next menstrual tide), the thickness is about 10-14mm.

Common questions about endometrium

Q: I have not been transplanted three times. The endometrium did not exceed 9 when transplanting. There was no biochemical. Is it too bad for the uterine cavity?

A: Repeated transplantation failure really needs to understand whether there is a problem with the endometrium, but it may not be a problem with the endometrium.It is recommended to carry out the reasons for the failure of repeated planting.

Q: I do n’t have any reason for the bed. The quality of the embryo is also good. The only thing is that the endometrium is not thick enough, only more than seven o’clock.

A: The endometrium is the most unfavorable and difficult to improve.Everyone has different fertility, and only repeats without problems.The thickness of the ovulation is thinner than 8mm, and the pregnancy rate decreases. It does drop the bed rate lower than 7mm.It is recommended to check the cause of the endometrium.

Q: Why do you have never been pregnant and have not performed uterine cavity surgery?

A: Inflammation can also cause adhesion.You don’t necessarily feel chronic and mild inflammation, just like those who have not done abortion or surgery are the same principles.

Q: Why do some people have fewer follicles, but the endometrium is still very good?

A: Follicles and endometrium are two different things. As long as the endometrium has no lesion, it can grow with a certain amount of estrogen endometrium. It can also be converted with progesterone.

Q: I have a little endometrium, but I have never done my abortion before. I was the first time before pregnancy. Is this endometrium thin?How to thicken the endometrium before pregnancy?

A: There are two types of endometrium thin: one is that follicle development is abnormal.The final stage of follicle development, that is, the level of estrogen before ovulation peak is not high, or ovulation before the tenth day of the cycle. In these cases, the endometrium cannot be fully developed, manifested as a thin endometrium, and the endometrium itself has no problem. GenerallyIt can be solved by promoting ovulation or giving estrogen.Another case is the endometrium with organic damage.There is no response to estrogen, such as curettage, infection, tuberculosis, etc. These require hysteroscopy.Another situation that is easy to be ignored is mental factors. Excessive tension, anxiety or depression, insomnia, etc. will also affect the growth of the endometrium.The latter case is not uncommon in infertile women.

Q: Will uterine fibroids affect bed?

A: It depends on the size of the position and fibroids. If the fibroids under the mucous membrane in the uterine cavity, even small, may affect the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Improve the endometrium to prepare for pregnancy

As the name implies, the "palace" of the future child is the "house" of the future baby.If the embryo is metaphorized to "seeds", then the endometrium is "soil", and hormone levels and moods are equivalent to sunny rain dew.

Improving the quality of eggs and sperm is that they have high -quality "seeds" and regulate the uterine environment, especially the endometrium of the uterine, and maintain a good mood. Maybe we and children only need a tacit or a fate.

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