How much weight is normal after pregnancy?Look at the standard list during pregnancy, have you exceeded the standard?

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Women are very concerned about their weight growth after pregnancy. For pregnant women, how much weight gain is normal? Within the growth range, which one do you belong to?

The growth of weight has a scope during pregnancy, and it is not normal to exceed the scope. It needs to be noticed. If necessary, you should seek help from a doctor.The growth of weight during pregnancy is a gradual process. The more commonly used data for judging fat is BMI, BMI index = weight (kg)/square (square meter).Depending on the BMI index of the pregnant woman, the standards for gaining weight during pregnancy will also be different.

The specific standards can refer to the following weight growth standard table. According to the value range in the table, there are four categories, which are light, moderate, overweight, obesity, and the situation of pregnant women is different. Therefore, the standards for weight growth will also occur with it.Variety.You can observe whether the weight growth range is normal according to your own weight category. See which category do you belong to?

After pregnancy, weight gain is a very common thing. One is due to the development and growth of the fetus. Even thin pregnant women will develop weight. The other is that the appetite of pregnant women during pregnancy will increase.To ensure the normal growth and nutritional supply of the fetus, the third is that it is more conducive to the accumulation of fat due to inconvenient exercise.The above three synthesis will make the body of the pregnant woman look bloated and the weight will rise.

Excessive weight will have a bad impact on both pregnant women and fetuses. First of all, if the weight of the pregnant woman exceeds the standard, then the action of pregnancy will be quite difficult.Excessive development of fetus will make delivery more difficult, the chance of having a difficult delivery will increase, and it will increase the risk of production. Moreover, the weight of pregnant women exceeds the standard, and the excessive development of the fetus will cause the child to have the potential disease of obesity.After production, it is also difficult to return to the previous state.

1. Do a good job of diet management

The diet is directly associated with weight, so doing a good job of diet management is half of the success of the success.Pregnant women should not be overeating. Equipping nutrition needs to be within a reasonable range. At the same time, pay attention to try not to eat too many fried foods. The diet structure should be balanced to ensure that they eat fruits and vegetables every day, and carbohydrate intake.

2. Regular life and rest

The life and rest of pregnant women should be kept regular. In the case of ensuring sufficient sleep, it is necessary to achieve the rules of daily routine. Going up early and getting up early. It is best to develop the habit of taking a nap.Sleep, but it is not good to sleep too much at one time, so keeping good sleep habits will not only make the pregnant woman’s body more energetic, but also make the baby’s schedule regular.Essence

3. Keep proper exercise

During pregnancy, it is really not suitable for strenuous exercise. Therefore, we advocate the right amount of exercise, not exercise and excessive exercise are wrong. Pay attention to that the suitable exercise of pregnant women is gentle and comfortable, such as pregnant women yoga and walking.Exercise can make fats not easy to accumulate, and it is a good recipe for controlling weight.

Conclusion: If you are worried about your weight, instead of trembling in panic, it is better to rationally control and manage your weight according to the weight growth range, and do your homework for your health and your baby’s health.

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