How should expectant mothers buy insurance?Buy this way, it can be guaranteed during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a hard work and sweet work. Many women who have entered pregnancy are basically the targets of the key protection at home.At the same time, there will be many quasi -mothers who pay attention to whether they can buy insurance during pregnancy.

In the impression of most people, unless it is special pregnancy insurance, pregnancy cannot buy insurance.

Can I actually buy insurance during pregnancy?How do pregnant mothers buy insurance?Can I still buy insurance when I am pregnant?

It is normal for pregnancy, but the risks of women after pregnancy have one more layer of risks than ordinary women.For example, pregnancy complications during pregnancy (gestational diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, etc.), risks faced by mothers and newborns during production, and postpartum depression.

For insurance products, everyone knows that there are regular life insurance, critical illness insurance, medical insurance and accident insurance.From the perspective of insurance companies, the risk of women during pregnancy is much higher than that of ordinary women, so most insurance companies will restrict the purchase of insurance during pregnancy.

Most of them cannot be insured for more than 28 weeks of pregnancy, and some also stipulate that elderly women over 35 years of age restrict the insurance.

1. Regular life insurance

Regular life insurance has different requirements for women’s insurance insurement during pregnancy. Some regular life insurance can be insured for not exceeding 28 weeks; some of the fixed life will ask if they are currently pregnant in health notifications; others will not be in regular life insurance.Asked whether you are pregnant, just read the health in your health when you are insured.

2. Critical illness insurance

The purchase of critical illness insurance is relatively strict for health notifications.Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers who are pregnant for more than 28 weeks cannot buy critical illnesses, and some critical illnesses cannot be insured for older pregnant women over 35 years old.

After all, the probability of complications during pregnancy is relatively high, so the purchase of critical illness insurance should be arranged as before pregnancy. After all, the risk after pregnancy is still higher than ordinary women.

3. Medical insurance

Some medical insurance in commercial insurance can also be insured for pregnant women, but the complications of childbirth, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and pregnancy are the exemptions of responsibility.

4. accident insurance

The health notification of accident insurance requires that there are no other insurance types strictly, and they can be purchased under normal circumstances, but most of the insurance species on the market cannot pay for the accidents of pregnancy and childbirth.

How do women buy insurance during pregnancy?

Of course, it is best to ensure the establishment of protection before pregnancy.Before pregnancy, the social security and buying together, the role of medical insurance and maternity insurance in social security is also very large, but generally requires to buy for more than one year. When giving birth, there can be allowances and reimbursement of production costs.

If you are pregnant, see the healthy notification and exemption scope before buying insurance. Do not sign easily if you do not meet the conditions.

When you are pregnant, you can allocate pregnancy and baby insurance. Generally, such insurance premiums are cheap.

It guarantees the responsibility of complications during pregnancy, pregnancy died, neonatal chronic illnesses, and malformations. However, some insurance companies also restrict the number of pregnancy weeks. Generally, the requirements are 28 weeks ago, and the insurance amount is not too high.Proper configuration should be made in conjunction with its own needs.

Having said so much, there are still many restrictions on buying insurance for women who are pregnant. It is necessary to establish a good protection before pregnancy. In addition, the role of medical care and maternity insurance in social security is still very useful.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to their social security status.

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