How should I raise a peacock fish for pregnancy?

What do you raise for pets at home? I choose to buy and see fish, without having to take a walk to raise fish every day, no shit.Among many ornamental fish, I like peacocks, and peacocks are also one of the magical fish.One is because peacocks are more able to feed, and the other is because the peacock’s fertility is very strong.Therefore, if you choose to raise a peacock, you can care about hundreds of peacocks.Symptoms of Peacock Pregnancy: Peacocks are usually not visible in the early stages of pregnancy.I knew pregnancy after my stomach was drumped.Pei Bei’s standard is Pei Bei who looked at it from top to bottom, not on the side, and Pei Bei can be seen on the side. Maybe you can eat it!Of course, if it is a mother and peacock with a small fish, as long as the calculation date, a second child can be born in one month.

The symptoms of pregnancy are the most striking is the right corners of pears and fish.Once it is found to be a right corner, the belly has the feeling of border defense, it is about to be born!Another symptom is to see small eyes, mothers’ placenta parts, small round particles, and some can also see small eyes.One is right angle and the other is small eyes. It is the two most obvious features that determine whether the mother is about to give birth!It is best to put it in the isolation box two days before the production of peacock fish, so that the forest Moore can adapt to the environment.It is best to add hidden objects such as water plants during production to give mothers a sense of safety and give some safety guarantees for curiosity.Mother’s production sometimes lasts all day.

Sometimes it is more born in the evening than during the day. After a period of production, pay attention to feeding your mother. Do not feed too much.Mother fish also wants to produce, so it is best to feed nutritious fish.After the production of the fish was over, the ship was directly stunned.There are also criteria for judging the end of the mother’s production.True things.Mom usually eats shit and small fish, so her mother’s belly is stuffy, and she will produce after shit.The newly -born small fish does not feed within 3 days, cannot change water, and the temperature difference of small fish should not exceed 1 degree.Otherwise, the group will be destroyed.When changing water, if the water impact is too large, it is easy to suffer from needle.Eating inferior feed, it is easy to needle.

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