How should women want to get pregnant again after abortion?These 5 precautions need to be kept in mind

It is believed that whether it is natural or abortion, it is a last resort.After abortion, many women want to get pregnant again to realize their wishes as their mother.However, after the abortion, the body will be damaged to a certain amount of injuries. It takes a period of time. When preparing for pregnancy, you should pay attention to some problems to ensure that you can get pregnant smoothly.

1. Can’t get pregnant immediately after miscarriage

Being able to understand the desire of women who want to get pregnant again after abortion, but they cannot be anxious in this matter. They must have sufficient recovery time to make their bodies prepare.Artificial abortion can damage the endometrium of women. Generally, it is necessary to rest for 3 to 6 months and then consider pregnancy.If the endometrium has not been recovered, it is rare to get pregnant, which will affect the bed of the fertilized eggs, and it may also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Know the cause of miscarriage

There are two main cases of abortion. The first situation is artificial abortion, and the second situation is natural abortion.If it is an artificial abortion, there is no need to say more, and there is no need to explore the cause of abortion.If it is a natural abortion, you need to explore the reasons behind it, otherwise there may be another natural miscarriage, so that you will be happy again.To go to the hospital for a detailed examination, both the couple have to do the examination. See where the bottom problem is. If there is a disease, you must quickly treat it, and then prepare for pregnancy.

3. Do a full -body examination before preparing for pregnancy

Women who have miscarriated can carry out pregnancy before their bodies are fully recovered, but before preparing for pregnancy, they also need to go to the hospital for detailed examination.Because artificial abortion has a great impact on women’s health, it can even affect women’s fertility, leading to infertility in women, and related inspections can check this problem.In addition, pay attention to the problem of secondary infertility, and check other items, including chromosomes, etc. to ensure that the body and fertility of the two are in a great state.

4. Relax, light up and go into battle

Whether it is abortion or abortion, women will face relatively large pressure, and they will be a little scared, afraid that they will not be able to succeed in pregnancy.This nervous and anxious mood affects women’s conception, but makes it difficult for women to pregnancy.After preparing for pregnancy, you must adjust your mentality. Be sure to relax your mood. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t be too nervous.In this matter, you can let it go. As long as your body is fine, you can wait for the fate.

5. Healthy life

Although a healthy life is easier to say, it is still difficult to do it. It is necessary to develop some good living habits and correct some bad living habits.Whether it is in diet, in terms of schedule, or in exercise, you must ensure that you can have a best state.The physical fitness has improved, and the health is healthy to prepare for pregnancy.

Women must start their spirits after abortion, and everything is based on restoration of the body.Wait until your body is restored completely, and then consider pregnancy.Do what you should do during the pregnancy stage and prepare for preparations. Both psychology and physical adjustment must be adjusted. Do not be too blind in this matter.

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