How to arrange the dietary diet during pregnancy is correct, the standard answer is here, come and see

With the twins, my mother is happy to double, and the hard work will double!

Compared with a single mother, twin pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to things during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, in terms of diet, twin pregnant mothers will definitely have more questions.

Here are some suggestions for the dietary problems after the twin twins.

Appropriately increase calorie intake

There is no doubt that compared with a single mother, twin pregnant mothers need to increase the daily intake to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

Generally speaking, twin pregnant mothers need to consume more than 600 calories of calories every day, and for the health of their health, it is best to reasonably distribute these heat in different foods.

The foods that provide calories in our daily diet are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Among them, carbohydrates are the most important foods that provide calories, so about half of the extra calories are best supplemented by carbohydrates.Can be evenly distributed in fat and protein.

When paying attention, when pregnant mothers supplement these calories, they must choose natural ingredients, such as grains, fresh meat, etc., instead of choosing processed foods.

Extremely intake of vitamins, minerals

In addition to increasing calorie intake, twin mothers cannot ignore the intake of other nutrients, such as vitamin aspects of folic acid, vitamin D, and minerals in minerals.These nutrients can be intake through high -quality meat, nuts, fresh vegetables and other foods.

Taking folic acid as an example, twin pregnant mothers need to consume about 1,000 micrograms per day. In addition to folic acid supplements, you can also eat more spinach, asparagus, orange and other foods, or you can get part of it.

Some other necessary elements daily replenishment, pregnant mothers can consult professional physicians, they will give more professional and detailed suggestions.

Drink water every day

Pinded drinking water is good for maintaining the amount of amniotic fluid at a healthy level, and it can speed up blood flow in the placenta and help remove body waste. Therefore, women should drink plenty of water during pregnancy, and the body of twin pregnant mothers is more likely to lack water, so drinking water is more sufficient.

The twin pregnant mothers usually drink at least about 2,000 ml of water. It is best to drink water during the day, and it should be appropriately reduced after 8 pm.It is best to choose a small number of ways when drinking water, which is more conducive to physical absorption and utilization.

Take supplements moderate

Pregnant mothers with twins need to supplement a lot of nutrients every day, and it is easy to occur during pregnancy, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, which will cause pregnant mothers to supplement through supplements and supplements.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to moderate when taking supplements, because a large number of supplements or excessive supplements in a short time will hurt the baby and their own health.Pregnant mothers are best supplemented according to the doctor’s suggestion, and do not blindly increase.

The above are some precautions for the diet of twin pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can appropriately learn from and adjust them according to their actual situation.Finally, I hope that all twin pregnant mothers can give birth to two healthy babies!

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