How to care for vaginitis during pregnancy?

How to care for vaginitis during pregnancy?Vaginitis is very harmful for women. Therefore, it is necessary to treat and care in time. Vaginitis cannot be used during pregnancy. So how should vaginitis care during pregnancy? Xiaobian will give you a trick.

1. Mold has strong resistance to dryness, ultraviolet rays, and chemical preparations, but they are afraid of high temperature.Therefore, it is best to soak or disinfect the replaceable underwear daily with 60 ° C. Soak or boil.In order to avoid repeated infections, it should be boiled and disinfected with towels and underwear for 5 ~ 10 minutes.

2. Avoid sexual life during treatment.After healing, you should also use condoms. After healing, it should not recur after 3 months, but no longer can be used.When necessary, the husband also needs to go to the hospital for a corresponding examination, and if the infection should be treated, it should be treated.

3. In your life, avoid sharing towels, bathtubs, and toilets with your family (you can use a one -time toilet pad). Do not wash underwear together.

4. During the pregnancy itself, the urine content will increase. In addition, in the period of metabolism, diabetes can be easily combined.Once the diabetes is combined, the glycogen content of the vagina will be higher, the resistance of pregnant women itself will be reduced, and the resistance to mold will be reduced.Therefore, we must also control diet, strengthen exercise, and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Pay attention to the following points in diet:

First: The diet is light

If women have vaginitis, they must pay special attention to light in daily diet, which will have a good effect on physical recovery.In addition, it is necessary to develop a lifestyle of eating less meals, which can also keep the body inflammation away.You should also eat less spicy, irritating all things, and some high -fat foods should also eat less, because these will aggravate inflammation and erosion.

Second: eat less fried food

In addition to the diet as mentioned above, you need to eat less fried or greasy foods. Common cream, butter, chocolate, and fritters, etc., But it is best to quit for physical health.Because fried foods and relatively greasy foods have a significant heating and humidification effect, it is very unfavorable to gynecological inflammation after taking.

Xiaobian warm reminder: Women’s pregnancy vaginal congestion, vigorous secretion, humid vulva, etc., created a environment that is very conducive to mold growth. Therefore, many pregnant women will have vaginitis.Dear friends of pregnant women bring help.

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