How to check each stage during pregnancy

Health during pregnancy not only needs to develop a good habit of living, but also should also pay attention to regular physical examinations. Through reasonable examination measures to help prevent the occurrence of diseases during pregnancy. What are the specifically need to do?The matter, for the topic of female friends, summarizes how to check all stages during pregnancy for everyone to refer to use.

1. The focus of inspection at all stages of pregnancy is slightly different

About 280 days of pregnancy, we can divide the entire pregnancy into early pregnancy, the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, and the inspection items at all stages of pregnancy have a certain scientific basis.In the early 12 weeks of pregnancy, the examination of this period focused on eugenics. It mainly checked Tang’s screening and blood routine and urine rules.Of course there are B -ultrasound.In the middle of pregnancy, it refers to the thirteenth to 27 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, the maternal experience has changed significantly. At this stage, the examination of the examination of hepatitis B is five items and 50 grams of sugar screening.It belongs to the third trimester, and the maternal body changes significantly in the third trimester. The focus of this stage of inspection is how it is conducive to the smooth delivery.Focus on checking coagulation series, blood series and urine series.There are also ECG and B -ultrasound.

2. The necessary inspection while maintaining the joy of body and mind

Many pregnant women have a wrong understanding that as long as they go to the hospital, they are sick.In fact, the pregnancy test is a defense measure. You can find the problems during pregnancy early, and make a conditioning plan as soon as possible. In many cases, it can be solved smoothly by conditioning.In fact, the inspection items in each stage of pregnancy will actually be more delicate. The majority of pregnant women who need to remember to go to a regular hospital for pregnancy on time.

The above introduces how to check all stages during pregnancy. It is recommended that everyone must actively do a physical examination during pregnancy in order to better prevent the prevention of disease during pregnancy.

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