How to choose from the flow of people?

No matter how we propagate contraception, there will still be a large number of girls who have accidents.In addition, some people have to stop pregnancy unfortunately after pregnancy, and they have to end pregnancy.These accidental pregnancy women and girls who encounter fetal stops are facing the termination of pregnancy, which is often known as artificial abortion.

Artificial abortion is an artificial method that makes pregnancy unable to continue.Artificial abortion is not only surgical abortion, but also includes drug abortion, water sac subcontments, and injecting Lifano in the uterine cavity.

Throughout pregnancy, doctors can no longer continue to pregnancy by manually.The methods adopted in different pregnancy weeks are also different.

There are 13 million abortion in China each year, most of which are in the early stages of pregnancy.The commonly used artificial abortion method in the early pregnancy is surgical abortion and oral drug abortion.

It is often tangled whether it is abortion (surgery)?

First look at how the artificial abortion of the operation is done, show you a moving picture.

Expose the cerva

Expand the cervical

Negative pressure suction

Clear the residue

Artificial abortion is so cruel.

A negative pressure suction uterine abortion, its unique complications cause the perforation of the uterus, and the damage of the endometrium. We saw that the movement of the movement just now, the instrument for surgery, to enter and exit into the uterine cavity. If the uterine muscle wall isIt is thin, or a doctor, and the action range is slightly increased, so the device can pass through the muscle layer of the uterus into the abdominal cavity. This is the perforation of the uterus.

The second unique complications are excessive damage to the endometrium caused by surgery. When doctors do artificial abortion, they do not know where the embryo is planted, and we usually scrape blindly.Perhaps the doctor did a few more scratches in order to prevent the residue of the embryo in a certain place, which may cause excessive damage to the endometrium. Once the endometrium is over -damaged, it will affect the next pregnancy.This complication is more common than uterine perforation.This consequences will be discovered when they want to have birth in the future.

When drug abortion, we usually use two drugs. One is Mepitetltan (the wrongdoing of the wrong medicine to send the wrong medicine to the patient to protect the fetus), the other is the forefront of Miso.alcohol.Mi buttero is a kind of hormone -resistant hormone drug. Everyone knows that after pregnancy, embryos need to support progesterone. If progesterone deficiency may cause miscarriage, migraoxone can fight elegance in the body and cause the embryo to die.The embryo tissue will naturally be stripped from the uterine wall, and then takes the frontol.Meso’s frontol is a prostaglandin that can promote the shrinkage of the uterus. After the uterine contraction, the embryo is excreted from the uterus, and the abortion process is completed.The abortion of drugs is closer to natural abortion. The embryo is naturally stripped and the power of the natural contraction of the uterus eliminates the embryo.

Excessive abortion bleeding will occur in natural miscarriage, so these problems will also be encountered in full simulation of drug abortion that fully simulate natural abortion.

In the natural abortion or the power of the uterine shrinkage in the abortion of the drug, there is absolutely no power for negative pressure suction palace during our operation. Therefore, the embryo has been peeled, but it cannot be completely aborted.EssenceThere is also an embryo embryo that cannot be stripped from the uterus and continues to become pregnant.

The success rate of the drug flow is about 91%, 7%of the drug flow is incomplete, and 1-2%fails to continue pregnancy.Factors affecting the success rate of drug flow include the size of the embryo, the method of taking medicine, the age factors, the number of abortion, etc.Older age, many abortion times, long menopause, long gestational sac, and more likely to fail.However, most of the drug flow or miscarriage fails, and there will be no great risk of healthy health. If you occur in time in the hospital or when you take a timely treatment, you will take clearance again, which will not cause a lot of bleeding and blood loss shock.Moreover, the Qing Dynasty after the drug flow, due to the expansion of the uterine mouth, the pain feeling of the Qing Dynasty’s surgery will weaken, and the probability of endometrial damage after surgery will be reduced, and the possibility of uterine perforation will also be reduced.

Therefore, I usually recommend that you can choose the method of drug flow and try to choose the medicine flow.

There are also certain restrictions on pregnancy abortion and surgical abortion.

In our pharmaceutical manual, it is recommended that the drug abortion is within 49 days of discontinuation or the diameter of the gestational sac is less than 3cm.The palace surgery is generally recommended to be within 70 days of menopause.This limit is mainly for security.Because more than 49 days of drug abortion, the incomplete abortion rate is relatively high.For more than 10 weeks (70 days) of pregnancy, the operation time is long, the bleeding is large, and the tissue residues are prone to occur.

If the menopause has been discontinued for more than 70 days, the risk is still quite strong.When there was no better way in the past, doctors were also risky to perform such surgery. Now there is a drug abortion. During the period of 10-15 weeks, the abortion doctor also chose to conduct a drug and abortion.We often allow patients to observe in the hospital, and the drugs will increase, especially the peso anterior glycols will be repeatedly used repeatedly.The abortion within 49 days is usually observed in the outpatient clinic.

Whether it is a drug abortion or a negative pressure suction abortion, the uterine mouth is expanded after abortion, and infections may occur in the uterine cavity, causing acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, after abortion, special attention should be paid to infection.Doctors will inform them that do not have the same room within one month after the abortion or after the drug flow. The purpose is to prevent infection. More importantly, there will be a period of vaginal bleeding after abortion. At this time, pay special attention to replace the sanitary napkin in time.Before surgery or before the abortion of drugs, if there is vaginitis, it must be treated in time. This is also a measure to prevent infection. After the surgery of high -risk crowds or after drug abortion, antibiotics should be prevented.The infection after abortion may also cause or aggravate damage to the endometrium.

Regardless of the abortion or abortion of the drug and centers/if there must be abortion if it must not be aborted, the earlier, the safer.Of course, the premise is that the dog can confirm that it is the premise of the internal pregnancy.

Is it choosing a surgical abortion or a drug abortion?I tell you that the best choice is to do a good job of contraception, a condom, which may solve all your above troubles. Contraception is the last word. Do not take miscarriage as contraceptive measures.

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